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Health, Environmental Experts Encourage Expansion of Plant-Based Diets

A new report from Sysco indicates that more U.S. consumers may be willing to reduce the level of meat-based protein in their diets in favor of plant-based proteins. At a recent Menu of Change conference, nutrition experts reported that consumers continue to eat significantly more protein than is recommended. But, U.S. adults who are particularly interested in eating local and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle realize that a diet heavy in plant-based protein is environmentally friendlier than the meat-based alternatives

Eyewear Retailers Boosting Online Presence

The National Eye Institute reports that about 66% of U.S. adults wear corrective eyewear, ranging from glasses to contact lenses. Generally, older consumers have higher rates of eyewear and these consumers are well-accustomed to shopping in traditional retail stores. However, Millennials need corrective eyewear as well. As Jeff Fromm wrote in a Columbus Business First article, the unique habits of Millennials and their shopping preferences mean that eyewear retailers should be prepared to change how they sell to these consumers in order to maintain market share.

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