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Are You Optimizing Your Sales Team for Success?

To speed up the hiring process, managers may be tempted to bring in the same kind of sales rep who worked well in the past. Sona Jepsen, entrepreneur.com guest writer and vice president for Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) suggests a different thought process for hiring and training sales reps.


Are You a Reactive or a Creative Thinker?

Smart executives nowadays realize that you can’t remain competitive while running a mechanical organization. You must have a thinking organization, which means that people at every level must be able to think and must be free to think.


Managers: Are You Screening for Personal Responsibility?

He’s out there. The perfect candidate is just waiting to be hired as your next salesperson. But, how do you make the perfect decision?


Another Bad Hire? Here’s How to Fix That Problem

If you recently had to walk another bad hire to the front door, you might have decided to take concrete steps to fix your hiring process. New research from Robert Half Finance & Accounting indicates CFOs believe mismatched skill sets are only part of the problem.


Do Your Personality Assessments Screen for Curiosity?

A study published by researchers at the Oregon State University’s College of Business points to the importance of using personality tests to screen candidates for diversive curiosity traits.


The non-secret formula that makes a great salesperson.

Why are salespeople great? What makes salespeople successful? What characteristics make up a sales superstar? Wouldn’t you like to know the answer to these questions?

Does Your Top Candidate Have EI?

Your top management may have street cred and will attract attention to your company. But does she have EI? Before you call to make a job offer, review these important tips from Daniel Goleman.

Basketball Zen and the Art of Hiring Your Next Sales Pro

There’s nothing more nerve wracking than hiring a new salesperson to fit into your team. You can score a win by following the practice of Coach Jay Wright at Villanova and look for hungry and humble.

Online Job Posters: Restaurants to Hire Holiday Help

Restaurants are serving up opportunities for America‰Ûªs young people. As summer winds down and students head back to school, the National Restaurant Association is highlighting the restaurant industry‰Ûªs role in providing job opportunities to millions of young people across the country.

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