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Opportunity Management: How Top Sales Managers Help Reps Reach Goals

Sales managers of top-performing groups already know this secret. Do you?

How to Maintain Culture When You’re Growing Quickly

Is the new service you just introduced to the market a big hit? Congratulations. Now, all you have to do is maintain company culture as you grow. Here are a few suggestions.

Are Common Voicemail Mistakes Sinking Your Sales?

When leaving a voicemail, be conscious of the time spent doing so. In general, the sweet spot for voicemails is 25 to 40 seconds. As Hoffman explains, “under 25 seconds looks like you dialed and hung up. Over 40 seconds looks too long.”

3 Tips to Boost Your Demo Skills

Demo time is show time. When you nail a demo, you can count on getting the prospect to the next step in the sales funnel. All too often, sales reps discover the demo didn’t impress the client.