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Research Reveals Best Way to First Contact a Prospect

It’s no secret that top-performing sales reps do things differently than others in the industry. Thankfully, recent insights shed some light on the tactics of top performers, as well as what buyers want during that first contact.

Hate Asking for Referrals? Try This Instead

How do you feel about asking for referrals? Despite being an incredibly valuable way to gain new business, many reps still shy away from this source of new business.

Social Media Brings the Leads You’re Looking For

Social media might be the right tool for you to cultivate new leads in the New Year. Prospects you’re targeting might be willing to engage in a survey, an online game or listen to a presentation you make in real time – all with social media tools.

It’s a Journey: 4 Steps for Successful Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing should be a journey that you take with the client, and like any successful journey, you’ll need a plan. In a post for the B2B Lead Blog, Brian Carroll highlights specific steps that you should take on each journey.