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3 Ways to Inspire Customer Loyalty

Client loyalty is accompanied by a slew of benefits such as stellar recommendations and not having to struggle to find someone new to make sales to. Here’s how you can inspire such loyalty.

Here’s Your New Secret Customer Service Weapon and How to Use It

Nearly everything is customizable now-a-days, so why are we acting as if customer service doesn’t have to be any different?

Do Your Recognition Programs Have the Right Stuff?

When employees do a great job, your managers may publicly praise them, and they may get a gift card or a bonus. This established pattern in most organizations certainly builds loyalty. But your recognition programs could be doing so much more.

Is it satisfied customers you’re after? NO!

I’m sick of customer satisfaction. The worst companies in the world tout the fact that they won some satisfaction award. It’s not just a bad joke. It’s a pathetic statement.

Top Tips for Customer Happiness

In a recent Forbes column, Steve Olenski reports its costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current client. What are you doing to keep your existing customers happy and loyal?

Use Special Occasions to Boost Client Loyalty

If you need new ways to strengthen customer loyalties, make the most of special occasions, like birthdays. Check out John Patterson’s other recommendations on how to show your care about your clients.

Mobile Phone Vendors to Roll Out More Loyalty-Based Marketing Programs

With so many consumers now dependent on feature or smartphones, wireless carriers may be tempted to compete as if they’re in a commodity industry and advertise solely on price advantages. These marketers likely know that up to 36% of wireless customers are considering a move to a different carrier in the next year. But new research shows that wireless operators can increase loyalty and reduce the risk of churn by marketing strengths other than price.

Marketers to Deliver Consistent Messages in Multiple Channels

We’re not yet in the era where marketers can roll out personalized promotions for all shoppers. Until we get there, marketers will be well-served to deliver consistent messages in all channels. Businesses should also know that consumers are frustrated by the way personal information is being used and they have an opportunity to improve their relationship with these shoppers.

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