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Targeting Today’s 5 Types of Luxury Shoppers

Twenty-seven percent of consumers believe luxury products and services are more accessible. This perceived accessibility gives advertisers a broader audience to reach out to.

Luxury Labels Taking Advantage of 1990s Love

When it comes to fashion, flashy logos have been out of vogue for a while. But a number of premium retailers say logos are back. Coach Brand President & CEO Josh Schulman told investors on the company’s second-quarter conference call that the company is seeing “a global movement in luxury brands toward a higher penetration of logo product.”

To Sell Luxury, Brands Move to Online Interactive Formats

It used to be so easy. Luxury brands could purchase full page ads in glossy upscale magazines or roll out a TV ad campaign to reach their target market. These marketers have been slow to move to digital but their strategy is changing quickly now that their audience is online.