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New SalesFuel® Survey of Car Buyer Purchase Intent Shows Deals & Incentives are Rarely Buying Triggers

Free white paper also shows dealer reputation can make or break the sale SalesFuel® announces new auto purchase intent data for 2016-2017 from its 7th annual AudienceSCAN study of nearly 16,000 online consumers 18+ in the United States. The new study reveals 19.3% of adults online  plan on purchasing a new car or truck in

Market Research to Tackle Mobile, Big Data in 2014

The pressure for marketers to develop products and services that will be well received by consumers has never been higher. One way to reduce risk is to improve the quality of market research. As consumers move to more digital media consumption and digital shopping, market researchers are coming to terms with how to collect, interpret and report their findings. The 19th Annual Predictions Issue from Research Business Report contains great insights from experts regarding what to expect in 2014.

Market Research to Shift as Advertisers Seek to Boost Sales

As media formats change to keep up with technology and consumer behavior, marketers need the right intelligence to position their ad campaigns. Marketers are still playing catch-up with respect to maximizing the outcomes of their digital efforts. To stay current with trends, especially the digital shift, more marketers will be shifting their research efforts to be sure they understand the audiences they are pitching to and in many cases, their research will be increasingly digital.

Survey: 75% of TV, Home Theater Buyers Consider Product Reviews, Online Comments Before Purchase

Westerville, OH, November 13, 2008 – Three-quarters of recent television, audio, and home theater equipment purchasers ranked online product reviews and comments from other shoppers as having some or significant influence on their buying decision, according to the Fall 2008 Ad-ology Media Influence on Consumer Choice survey. Consumers were also influenced by information from blogs,