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Over 60% of SMBs Use Outside Experts for PPC

With so many large businesses in the PPC market, can a small business expect a return on a big investment in search? A new Clutch survey shows how digital marketing services can help SMBs succeed at search.

Do Your Clients Need Help Managing Online Reviews?

Online reviews are key to getting consumers to buy these days. To help clients clear the last hurdle with prospective buyers, offer to help get their online reviews where they need to be.

Do Your Clients Know the Personal Prime Time Schedules of Their Customers?

Your clients might be wondering if they should push ads through specific media formats at specific times. Here’s what an IAB study has to say on this topic.

Retailers to Advertise Online Deals Early in the 2018 Holiday Season

The 2017 holiday advertising season is history for your clients. Before we get too far away from that frenzy of activity, it’s a good idea to recap which advertising strategies worked and what didn’t.

CMO Study: 12% of Marketing Budgets Spent on Media

If you’ve noticed that your clients suddenly seem obsessed about delivering excellent service, you’re seeing evidence of a new trend. This year’s ad campaigns will reflect more promises about excellent service.

Accurate, Informative Content Sways Consumer Purchases

Content is king. Whether it’s a blog post or a video, consumers are paying attention. They’re also sharing content. Their interest in content can be a great way for a brand to expand influence.

The Best Time to Release Email Campaigns

There are optimal days of the week and times of day to release email campaigns. And, it turns out the email subject line should be as alluring as the title of a novel. Here are the details.

Are Your Clients Targeting Millennials with Out-of-Home Advertising?

Your clients may get more return from their marketing investments if they use digital in conjunction with out-of-home advertising. Writing for MarketingProfs, Paul Inman explains this reasoning.

Is 2018 the Year of People-Based Marketing?

More businesses are moving to people-based marketing. Here are the advantages to this kind of marketing.

Marketers Struggle Most with Content Development and SEO

The 2018 Digital Marketing Plans for Best-In-Class Success report from Adestra reveals where digital marketing services providers will find opportunity.

Clutch: 80% of Consumers Favor Restaurant, Food Ads

Clutch recently surveyed 1,030 consumers to find out what they like about ads. Here’s what they learned.

How to Sell Your Media Space to Direct Brands

There’s a new kid on the block. Specifically, more small businesses are choosing to target their audiences directly and exclusively through e-commerce.

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