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Agencies to Turn to Email When Finding/Nurturing Clients

The recession may be over but that doesn’t mean ad agencies are finding it much easier to sign on new clients or maintain their existing roster. To improve their competitive position, agencies are taking a hard look at their expertise in marketing themselves. They’ve determined that 3 tools outrank all of the others when it comes to building new business.

Tweet Me Right: Mastering Social Networking

Does your agency Twitter? Or have a Facebook profile? If not, your agency could be missing out on a lot of free and far-reaching promotion, networking opportunities, and chances to build strong professional relationships.

New Clients and Six Degrees of Separation

We’ve all heard of six degrees of separation. Business consultant Jennifer Capella takes this idea and applies it to the professional world in her article “Leveraging The Six Degrees of Separation.”

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Test Your Networking Know-How

How much do you really know about networking?

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51 Ways to Improve Networking Results

There are many things to remember when networking: A big smile and eye contact, your elevator (or escalator!) speech, breath mints…the list goes on.

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