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Flood Insurance Agents to Promote Policies to Consumers Who Are Unaware of Need

“According to Consumer Reports, in recent weeks, northern Californians have suffered from heavy rain, snow, and mudslides as powerful storms swept in from the Pacific Ocean. Nearby states, including Arizona, southern Nevada, and Wyoming, also felt the impact as flood watches went into effect. Yet the flood season has barely started. While flooding happens all year, it is particularly common in the late spring and summer, according to The Weather Company, a subsidiary of IBM.”

Online Property Insurance Market Predicted to Grow

Purchasing auto insurance online has become a well-established practice. Now that consumers have grown comfortable with that process, they are looking to make other insurance purchases online. A new comScore report shows that the property insurance industry may be the next sector poised to make big gains online as people look for an easy way to purchase coverage for their homes or apartments .