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Use These Tips to Make Your Sales Calls Count

Have you ever tried to be a little provocative in your initial sales call? It could make a difference. The same is true for the little known trick to keep the call going. Read on to find out what it is.

How to Get Past the First Cold Call

It’s nearly impossible to build a good business relationship with just one phone call. All you need to do is be easy enough to talk to that the customer considers doing so again.

Are You Still Having Trouble Getting Past the Receptionist?

Being a receptionist is generally a nine to five job with little to no pressure to go above and beyond by staying late or getting in early. If you call outside of business hours, you may just be rewarded with a call that goes straight to the hardworking prospective client himself.

How to Stop the Slow Death of Trade Show Leads

Trade show leads can take a long time to nurture. To make the post of the opportunity, note who the warm leads are and make them your focus. And most importantly, pledge ample time post-show to follow up.

Writing is Not a Mystery. It’s Your Best Chance to Achieve Mastery

My secret to writing is not complex: I write like I talk.

Do Your Prospects See You As Likeable?

Emotionally intelligent people easily connect with others by focusing on a commonality. You can uncover a shared belief or interest by observing what topics light up prospects and get them talking.

Top Tips for Scoring Testimonials

If you aren’t using reviews or testimonials to their full potential, it’s time to start! Ian Brodie shares five detailed steps to getting usable, quality quotes from clients and other professionals.

Does That Prospect Really Belong in Your Pipeline?

Is that prospect a potentially good fit for you? By answering this question early in your assessment, you save yourself time, money AND potential pipeline clogs. Sometimes, in sales, more isn’t necessarily better.

Does Your Pitch Include the 3 P’s of Prospecting?

If you’re new to sales, you’re probably wondering how to develop your pitch. Chris Lytle, author of The Accidental Salesperson, has some advice. Your pitch should include 3 important ‘P’s.’

Improve Your Sales Opportunities by 20%

If your idea of successful prospecting is to send an email and wait for the sales to start coming in, you might want to enroll in Sales 201 at your local university. If you don’t have time for that, check out the tips compiled by Micheline Nijmeh.

Your name matters to your prospects. Or does it?

Here is a question I’ve received more than a hundred times in one form or another: How do I make a (better) name for myself? Here is the premise, the definition, and the answer:

B2B Marketers Focus on Ideal Prospects in 2014

What one thing should B2B marketers be doing to prepare for a successful 2014? Finding the Ideal Customer Prospect, the title of B2B Online’s new report, tells the whole story. B2B operators are scrambling to stay current with all of the new tools that have been added to their marketing arsenal, but they still need to hunt for the best prospects. In some companies, prospecting is all about sales and building relationships, but increasingly, marketing departments are getting involved in helping their sales teams identify the most valuable prospects.

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