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Targeting the Five Types of Purchase Intent

This white paper identifies the 5 types of Purchase Intent, featuring data from SalesFuel’s annual AudienceSCAN® survey of online shoppers, digital audiences and decision makers in America. These five categories and SalesFuel PRO Tips will help business’ marketing, and sales teams find new effective ways redefine target audiences and better predict future purchase behavior.

SalesFuel® Defines Five Types Of Consumer Purchase Intent To Help Marketers Predict Future Behavior

SalesFuel’s free white paper, “Targeting the Five Types of Purchase Intent,” out now “It’s better to reach the people who count than to count how many people you reach.” So says SalesFuel® CEO C. Lee Smith with the release of the company’s new white paper entitled, “Targeting the Five Types of Purchase Intent.” It’s free

Infographic: Voice-Activated Assistant User Purchase Intent

With the increase in voice-activated assistant usage, learn more about how these users grocery shop and dine.

New SalesFuel Infographics Show How Voice-activated Assistants are Changing How America Eats

SalesFuel announces the release of its 2017 AudienceSCAN survey results, delivering vital purchase intent and psychographic data for consumer marketers and sales forces across all industries. Now in its 8th year, this in-depth analysis of more than 18,000 U.S. adult (18+) consumers gives you the exclusive insight to better understand what’s in the hearts and

New AudienceSCAN Research Reveals Nearly 1 In 4 U.S. Adults Are Completely Turned Off By Politics This Year

AudienceSCAN® , a division of SalesFuel®, announces the release of its 2016 research, delivering vital purchase intent and psychographic data for consumer marketers and sales forces across all industries. The company surveyed more than 15,000 U.S. consumers this year as it does each year, setting out to get insights into future customers’ purchase intent, personal

Audio Equipment Shoppers Seeking Quality and Interoperability

The vast majority of consumers say music is important to them. They want to come home and enjoy a quality audio experience after a stressful day at work. These consumers also want to invest in a system that is easy but simple to use according to the State of Play research conducted by CSR.

Best of 2014: Men’s Hairstyles Linked to Career Success

Hairstyles make the man – at least in today’s business world. A survey from Wahl Clipper shows that today’s businessman fares better with a traditional hairstyle. The right style helps candidates land job interviews and contributes to success in high-profile, high-salary careers in fields such as medicine and law. While it is widely known that

63% of Women Have Spent Over $100 on a Pair of Shoes

If clothes make the man, shoes may make the woman. While 63% of women have spent over $100 on a pair of shoes, 25% prefer to find good footwear for under $50. The top criteria for making a purchase, according to DSW, is comfort.

Expanding Device Ownership Drives Handbag Demand

The handbag market is growing for both men and women as they look for better ways to carry around their mobile and tech devices. Analysts says both global and national brands are competing in this market and are reporting higher sales as next year’s styles are being rolled out.

Pawn Shop Clients Seeking 30-Day Loans

Now that the economy is improving, pawn shop owners are preparing for a change in business. During the recession, consumers were visiting pawn shops to sell their gold jewelry. These days, consumers are back to using pawn shops to secure short-term loans. The latest report from the National Pawnbrokers Association indicates that small 30-day loans are the most popular product.

Manicure Clients Seeking Glitter, Rhinestones, 3-D Art

Today’s salon clients are eager to make a fashion statement with their decorated fingernails. NAILPRO’s 2014 State of the Industry report reveals the latest trends in nail salons. The report also highlights other services that consumers are paying for at nail salons.

80% of Men Now Using Scented Products

The 2014 Men’s FragranceTrack Report from NPD shows 80% of men use scented products. Those who use cologne are also likely to use scented body products. Men have grown comfortable buying these products for themselves and are open to new fragrances. Their purchase decisions are influenced by a number of factors including price and the preferences of their romantic partners for a specific scent.

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