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Importance of Visible Logos on Handbags is Diminishing

One-third of the handbags purchased in the U.S. in the 12 months ending June 2016 did not have a visible logo, according to The NPD Group. The sales of handbags without a visible logo increased their share of the market in the past year, and this is a style trend that is crossing generations.

The Millennial Consumer’s Handbag Shopping Journey is More Like Buying a Car than Clothing

The Millennial customer treats a handbag purchase as a multi-step process, and 41 percent said they started thinking about their most recent handbag purchase more than a month in advance, according to a new report from global information company The NPD Group, created in partnership with Stylitics.

The 17% Shopping for New Purses Could Upgrade to Luxury Labels

There is often a disconnect between the consumer’s view of luxury and the brands’ and agencies’ perspectives on the individual’s thoughts, according to the founder of The Shullman Research Center at Luxury FirstLook: Strategy 2016. All consumers treat themselves to luxury goods, Luxury Daily reports.