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15% Drive Thru at Least 3 Times a Week

Offerings are getting leaner at several limited-service chains after years of adding products to menus. The shift toward narrower menus is coming amid a demassification of the restaurant industry. Consumers are gravitating toward specialty concepts and away from chains with broader menus.

QSRs to Boost Breakfast Marketing

U.S. consumers haven’t been going out to quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) in big numbers for breakfast. But several leading chains have identified the breakfast category as a key opportunity for growth. To generate more business and to steal market share from competitors, ad budgets are getting pumped up.

QSRs to Target Frequent Patrons with Mobile Marketing Campaigns

The profitability of quick service restaurants (QSR) is often linked to how effective they are at appealing to their frequent patrons. To keep these patrons returning for more meals, an operator should understand exactly what drives their behavior. New research reveals some of this information and points to ways that QSR owners can adjust their marketing tactics.