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Traditional Radio to Maintain Position in Local Media Market

Local radio companies continue to invest new ways to help their clients reach the growing digital audience. But, they continue to do well in the traditional ad market as well. BIA/Kelsey analysts report that these companies are winning the battle against new national upstarts by broadening listener experiences. They’re also expanding the types of opportunities that are available to advertisers. In 2014, radio operators will continue to lean heavily on key industries to maintain their share of the local ad market.

Streaming Digital Music Services to Compete for Growing Audience, Ad Dollars

Does ad-supported digital-music streaming radio pose a threat to traditional networks? It’s worth considering this question as more competitors crowd the field. Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio and iHeartRadio are all courting audiences and marketers. Their move to grab local revenue could change the radio industry.

Terrestrial Radio Operators Find Strategies to Compete with Streaming Services

Consumers only have so many hours in the day to devote to media but that detail doesn’t deter promoters of newer formats, like streaming music services. New media is gaining market share and while traditional radio operators are watching the progress of players like Pandora, many reps believe they still have a strong advantage in selling their media to marketers.

Radio Stations Find Strength in Social Media

As an old media format, radio struggled to maintain revenue levels in the first quarter of 2013. But, a bright spot for the industry is digital. Advertisers are excited about the prospect of reaching consumers through digital radio, especially when stations make it easier to increase marketer influence by connecting on social media.

Social Media Use to Boost Brand Campaigns on Traditional Media

Media companies are seeking ways to connect with consumers who use social media while watching TV. Knowing who uses social media and in which ways can help media companies sell their programming to marketers. A new TVB study released on this topic, 2013 Cultural Currency, has identified how consumers are engaging with specific social platforms as they watch TV.

Marketers to Reach Spenders through Pop Radio, Reality TV, and Social Media

Marketers who want to reach today’s spenders would do well to target the Millennials. A significant portion of this demographic self-identifies as spenders and is more likely than older consumers to live in an affluent household. In addition, researchers have uncovered which media formats are most popular with spenders, a detail marketers will want to take into account when they plan their next ad campaign.

Digital Radio Ad Market Continues to Grow

Radio has long been the perfect medium to reach consumers who are captive in their cars – commuting, carpooling or running errands. But an increasing number of consumers are discovering Internet radio and listening in a wider range of venues. As this audience grows, marketers are taking notice.

Marketers Use Radio as “Last Word” Before Consumer Shopping Begins

Last week I blogged about the rising ad sales in the radio industry in 2012. Marketers are right to put part of their ad budget in this format. New research shows the format’s biggest impact may come from its ability to connect with shoppers immediately before they visit stores.

Radio Revenue Seen Steadily Growing

Advertisers continue to find growth in the radio format. After coming off of a strong year in 2011, radio revenues are still rising. Sales in digital and off-air are fueling the channel’s growth. And, specific advertising sectors are responsible for much of the increased demand.

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New Competitors Hope to Change Digital Radio Market

Radio stations have long struggled to find a business model that will deliver revenue in the digital arena. Consumers are ready to use their mobile devices to listen to radio in new ways, a trend which explains the popularity of Pandora. But Pandora doesn’t own the digital radio market and new competitors hope to mark their mark and unlock more revenue for stations and their reps.

Radio Provides Link to Growing Hispanic Audience

Radio continues to draw a crowd. That’s especially true for marketers that want to reach the Hispanic demographic. The latest numbers from Arbitron’s RADAR report show reason for optimism in one of the most traditional media formats.

Big Data and New Technology To Boost Digital Radio Revenue

Last month, I highlighted a couple of studies that pointed out the difficulties faced by traditional radio stations when it comes to garnering more digital revenue. A new service being rolled out by Jelli, a company that delivers user-controlled radio, may change the way spot radio works and build digital revenue for radio stations. This service is available now for national spots but may soon be used by local marketers as well.

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