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Are You Using This Common-Sense Approach to Sales Growth?

The selling process is constantly evolving, and it doesn’t necessarily end when a sale is made. Making a one-time sale is an accomplishment, but real success can be found in sales growth and repeat business. So what drives these factors? Experience has shown that it’s all about cultivating relationships and honoring the “Golden Rule.”

How Saying Someone’s Name Can Help You Sell

The inclusion of one little word in your sales conversations has the power to catch anyone’s attention. And, it can completely transform your relationships with prospects and clients.

The relationship edge…Are you on it, in it, or over it?

Beginning a relationship is easy. Exploration is predominantly on the surface. Nothing too deep. Nothing too wide. Nothing too revealing.

Time to Play “15 Questions”

Part of excellent customer service is keeping on top of your what’s going on with your clients and their business. But, sometimes conversations can stall or you just can’t seem to get enough information out of them.

Tweet Me Right: Mastering Social Networking

Does your agency Twitter? Or have a Facebook profile? If not, your agency could be missing out on a lot of free and far-reaching promotion, networking opportunities, and chances to build strong professional relationships.

“Deep Listening” Can Boost Business

Marketing strategist Ardath Albee wants more businesses to listen to their clients and prospects. “Surface listening,” which is based solely on self-interested gains, just won’t cut it in 2009, and he urges companies to connect with clients on a deeper level.

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Giving Thanks

Once again Thanksgiving is upon us, and while recent economic woes have put a dent in the holiday cheer of many, there are still reasons for your agency to be thankful.

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Thanksgiving: The New Season to Give

Corporate gift giving has extended beyond the traditional December holidays, and many companies have adjusted their schedule to send a little something to clients for Thanksgiving.

Build Trust The Mathematical Way

Are you familiar with the Trust Equation? I wasn’t until coming across an article by Charles H. Green, author of Trust-Based Selling.

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Should You Stay or Go?

Not all clients are going to be a dream to work with, but what do you do when your project hits a snag because of a client’s inattention?

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Finding Middle Ground

“A great client is translator, protector, advocate, therapist.” This quote is from an article on AdAge.com, “Making Sense of Cultural Dissonance,” by Jennifer Patterson. Succinct and spot-on, Patterson’s vision of the ideal client is something agencies hope for, but not too often find. Realistically, a client may fill just one of the roles mentioned above,

Build Your Way to A Sale

A recent article from John Doerr, president of the Wellesley Hills Group, focused on the correlation between building blocks and selling services

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