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Voice Search Becoming Increasingly Important For Consumer/Restaurant Interation

Yext, Inc., the leader in Digital Knowledge Management, released new survey data on how restaurant-goers use voice search to find and engage with restaurants. The results reveal that voice search has become an important part of how consumers interact with restaurants, and that voice search is an increasingly important part of restaurant marketing.

Restaurants Can Boost Sales by Pushing Promotions through Apps

A new report titled Get Appy: Do Consumers Use Restaurant & Hotel Branded Apps revealed that a majority of global consumers (57%) have used or are using mobile applications to engage with hospitality operators. The study of 15,000 consumers across Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and North America revealed that of the 23% that have at least one restaurant or hotel branded app on their mobile device, 70% are using them at least once a week. Increased app engagement across global consumers creates new opportunities to personalize service, incentives and menu offerings and highlights the need for modern food and beverage technology to deliver more meaningful guest experiences.

The Popularity of Cold Brew Coffee is on the Rise

On the heels of ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee and iced coffee growth, cold brew coffee has become commonplace across the foodservice spectrum, according to a report by market research firm Packaged Facts. Iced coffee beverages broaden the coffee playing field, satisfying refreshment-based consumer needs by carrying the beverage well beyond its morning daypart stronghold. Cold brew’s promise of smoother taste and lower acidity, along with its premium positioning, higher price points, and enthusiastic younger consumers, build on iced coffee’s base and help keep the coffee market humming along.

Self-Serve Kiosks Drive Sales, Especially in Fast Food Restaurants

The world of retail is being turned upside down with consumers and investors alike preferring ‘human-less’ transactions, interactive retail services and multiple payment options, reports Financial News Media. It’s no secret that traditional retail brands are doubling down on their investment into autonomous robotics in the name of competitiveness and bottom-line profitability.

61% of Travelers Would Rather Stop at a Restaurant than a Rest Stop

While some travelers prefer to stop at a highway rest area when they need a break, the latest poll from PEMCO Insurance found that a majority of drivers who travel long distances would prefer to stop at retail locations instead.

Manage Smarter 10 – Jordan Blakesley: How One Tweet Can Destroy Your Career or Business

Jordan Blakesley is a Principal Partner at B Public Relations, a Denver-based public relations firm. She has more than a decade of experience, specializing in PR in the travel/tourism, restaurant/food/wine and luxury real estate industries. In episode 10, we discuss a social media/public relations case study involving two slain Ohio police officers and a restaurant owner who tweeted carelessly about their killings and the resulting lessons for managers, leadership and business owners.

Restaurants Should Promote Reasonable Prices + Health & Convenience

As the restaurant industry continues to recover, new research indicates that the greatest opportunity for the market to return to growth is through promoting reasonable prices with value-added benefits like health and convenience. In fact, 34% of restaurant-goers say healthy food is an important factor in selecting a family restaurant. Adding value through convenience is another approach that can benefit the restaurant segment.

Marketing Forecast: Used Car Buyers, Smartphone Marketing, Fast Casual Promos

The July Ad-ology Marketing Forecast includes exclusive data on used car buyers, plus smartphones+online marketing and trends in fast casual promotions. The Ad-ology Marketing Forecast video briefing is designed for strategic marketers: Ad agencies, in-house marketers, media buyers+sellers, business owners. Every month it features industry forecasts and trends from a variety of top sources, plus exclusive data from Ad-ology Research.

Online Daily Restaurant Deals Driving Positive Consumer Behavior

Technomic has found that online daily deals are attracting new and infrequent customers to participating restaurants. Many customers write about their specific experience on social media sites such as Yelp and/or Facebook. According to a new report, eighty-five percent of consumers plan to continue to purchase online restaurant deals and 79% look forward to receiving them.

Consumers Want More Healthy Options, But Price Still Matters

Americans are looking for more healthful options at restaurants and other foodservice outlets but define healthy eating based on quality features, such as fresh, natural and nutritious ingredients, rather than fewer calories, according to new research from The NPD Group. However, menu prices will continue to pose a dilemma for restaurants this year as operators struggle with rising commodity costs and consumers who remain focused on value, according to a new study by AlixPartners LLP. Survey respondents expect to spend 5% less on each meal at restaurants this year, or an average of $12.90 per meal versus $13.60 in 2010. “This focus on saving money, coupled with the desire to eat healthier will put pressure on companies to take a hard look at their menus and the price-value equation they’re presenting to the increasingly frugal and health-conscious consumer,” said Adam Werner, a managing director at AlixPartners.

Zagat Points to Gradual Recovery in Dining Out Sector

The restaurant industry suffered more than others during the Great Recession. And the business outlook for fine dining operators may not be all that positive until consumers feel more confident about their personal financial situation. Restaurants can improve their competitive position by offering the foods and services that consumers say they are looking for. Zagat recently published its latest findings on this sector.

Convenience Drives Daily Food Choices for Most Americans, Particularly Younger Diners

A new report from Mintel confirms the importance of convenience, particularly to the out-to-eat crowd, especially those under age 34. Over half of younger adults rank a restaurant’s proximity to their workplace as very important/important when selecting where to dine (62% of 25-34s and 55% of 18-24s, versus 41% of all respondents). The ability to order online ahead of time is also essential to young, time-strapped consumers (31% of 25-34s and 24% of 18-24s, versus 19% overall). The younger demographics also rank extended hours (i.e. late-night) and speed of service highly in their restaurant selection processes. In addition, a new NPD report finds that 72 million adult consumers-nearly one in three adults-are “Convenience Consumers,” but their needs are varied depending on their life stage and other characteristics.

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