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61% of Travelers Would Rather Stop at a Restaurant than a Rest Stop

While some travelers prefer to stop at a highway rest area when they need a break, the latest poll from PEMCO Insurance found that a majority of drivers who travel long distances would prefer to stop at retail locations instead.

Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Should Be Marketing Their Mobile Apps

“Any all-digital business can benefit from adding an app to the marketing mix,” Nabeena Mali writes for AppInstitute. “But bricks-and-sticks businesses can enjoy equal – even greater – gains. With tech ever-advancing and developers getting ever more creative, this list barely scratches the surface.”

Why Retailers are Failing with a 40% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Consumers have high expectations of retailers, and those expectations continue to get higher each year. With the marketplace becoming more and more crowded, it is vital for retailers to differentiate themselves as old strategies are quickly becoming obsolete.

Mid-Market Retailers Optimistic for 2014

A new Forbes Insights report, released in conjunction with CIT, suggests that retailers remain cautiously optimistic for 2014. While about half of these operators believe that a recovery may finally be underway after the prolonged recession, others aren’t so sure. To drive sales next year, mid-market operators will be exploring ways to increase their performance in online channels. But, to succeed, they know they’ll need to find ways to beat market disruptors like Amazon and Wal-Mart.

Retailers to Promote Joy of Shopping

Bricks and mortar retailers have plenty to worry about as studies show an increasing percentage of commerce is taking place online. Earlier this month, I blogged about the best way for retailers to combat the showrooming trend which boils down to increasing loyalty by offering unique programs and products. If retailers can also market to consumers by addressing key mindsets, stores will remain a destination for spending money.

Flash-Sales Sites Are Building a Following for Luxury Goods

f there’s one thing the recession has taught consumers, it’s to look for a bargain when shopping. Now that the recession is abating, consumers are buying more luxury goods. But the rules of the marketing game have changed.

Retailers Allocating More Ad Money to TV

Forecasters have been predicting a strong year for TV. Consumers plan to watch the Olympics and the political debates and elections in large numbers and ad increases in those sectors have long been expected. But there’s another sector planning to increase TV ad spending this year – big retailers.

Pet Product Promotions to Rise in 2012

The popularity of the dog-related ads in this year’s Super Bowl proved that caring for the family pet will prompt consumers to open their wallets. But pet parents aren’t content to shop at one specific store. As a result, pet product suppliers will be rolling out more ad campaigns to increase their market share.

Retailers To Focus on Email and Search Marketing, Cut Back on Deal Promotions

Retailers spend plenty to attract consumers to their stores but they also see promise in the online market. To boost online sales this year, retailers plan to promote their sites with the use of email, search and deal of the day promotions. And to keep shoppers engaged with the online channel, many of these operators plan to spend some of their 2012 marketing budget improving the shopper experience at the site.

To Halt ‘Showrooming’ Trend, Retailers Turn to New Promotional Tactics

Retailers are as mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. For years, consumers have been going into bricks and mortar stores to size up the look and feel of a product and then head home to buy it online. Retailers call this trend ‘showrooming’ and they’re rapidly developing new strategies to better compete with online marketers.

Jewelers to Roll Out New Marketing Programs

With the economic outlook improving, consumers may be in the mood to buy jewelry in 2012. Last year, consumers exhibited a clear preference for specific types of jewelry. This year, jewelers are sure to be promoting those items and they’ll be advertising other services to consumers as well.

Best of 2011: Apparel Industry Marketers to Change Strategy

Consumers have begun to shop for apparel again. But some apparel categories are doing better than others. And consumers are also showing a preference for specific channels, such as online. In addition, the cost of some raw materials and production will soar this year. All of these changes suggest that marketers will be seek to

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