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3 Tips to Help You Close That Sale

Meeting with a potential client soon? Here are three quick tips to keep in mind to help you close your next sale.

Are Your Email Subject Lines Too Vague or Annoying?

Are you paying enough attention to your email subject lines? It’s a great opportunity to instantly interest and engage recipients–AND make them want to read and respond!

Is Your Customer Service Unforgettable?

“One of the most underrated factors for success in customer service is memory,” writes Larry Alton in an article for CustomerThink.com.

Are You a Positive Sales Influencer?

Why don’t more salespeople influence more positively and effectively? In some situations, it’s a lack of skill set. In more situations, it’s about mindset.

How To Spot A Prospect Who’s Not Right For You

If you hear the prospect saying things like, “we really don’t have the budget for this” or “I can’t afford that price,” you might want to reconsider further pursuit.

Are You Projecting A Confident, Assured Image?

When speaking, it’s vital that reps project a confident, assured image. Consider everything you say and how it will impact others’ view of you. Also, even more importantly, take time to listen.

Dream your way to sales success… all day long.

Ever dream? Ever had a scary dream? Think you were dying? Falling? Wake up in a sweat? What causes dreams? I have no idea — and neither do the experts. All kinds of studies, all kinds of theories, all kinds of books, very few answers. And you’re thinking “night,” aren’t you? There’s a much more

Customer Service Personas to Avoid

There isn’t a shortage of people telling you what kind of salesperson you should be. But, with the help of Justin Herald and his article, “4 Customer Service Styles that Need to Go,” here are some types of salespeople that are bound to be unsuccessful service givers.

How To Ask The Right Questions

Are you envious of a fellow salesperson who picks the right questions to ask in a fact‑finding situation? Probing ‑ asking the right questions at the right time ‑ is essential to success in sales. Probes help prospects “open up.”

Three Rules for Networking Conversations

In a recent Inc. article, Minda Zetlin shares 16 conversation starters that can help the next time you need to chat up a stranger.

Do You Know When to Deliver Your Close Question?

Having a great question isn’t enough — you must be able to use it immediately when you get the feeling it’s time to ask.

Show me the value, or I’ll show you the door

How do you make a sales presentation? No I don’t mean warm up, probe, present, overcome objections, close. I mean what’s the big picture of your sales presentation?

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