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Are you investing in sales as a profession?

Are you investing in sales as a profession? If not, you should be. Colleen Stanley notes that learning from the experts and signing up for training will help you improve your prospects and your career over the long term.


Have You Tested the Buyer’s Journey Your Clients Take?

A recent SalesForce survey that found 80% of business buyers expect companies to react and respond to them in real time. Does your current sales process allow for this? What is is the buyer’s journey like with your company?


Sell like you did as a kid. 100% closing ratio.

Think back to your selling ability when you were a kid. That statement no doubt brought a big smile to your face. The toy you wanted. The place you wanted to go.

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Digital or Human? Which Customer Service Method Rules?

Some clients insist on talking to a human, while others prefer digital service. How should you choose which option to offer?


Tips for Revving Up Referrals

One path to easier prospecting is all about getting your existing clients to give you referrals. John Rampton, VIP contributor at Entrepreneur.com, has come up with over 20 clever ways to score referrals.


How to Network Like a Pro at Conferences

The conferences you attend can be a great way to learn something new. Even if the sessions don’t turn out to be what you hoped for, these industry events give you the opportunity to connect with the right people.


Are Your Social Media Skills Helping You Close More Deals?

Social media can be a double-edged sword. You can score more sales if you know what you’re doing, or you could lose an important client because of a careless error. Clark Owen tells you what you need to know to make the most of these tools.


It’s a GREAT year so far… or is it?

How’s it going? I mean this year so far? Accomplishing what you thought you would? On the
path of amazing achievement? Or are you stuck in neutral, or worse, reverse?


New Tips for Top B-to-B Customer Service

The B-to-B sales channel is complicated enough. Don’t make it worse by trying to upsell your existing clients on too many options. Take the time to find out what they need.

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