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Smart Phone Marketers Planning 2012 Ad Blitz

Marketers in one of the fastest-growing consumer product categories will be funding ad campaigns and promotions at a blistering pace as they fight for market share this year. Some market watchers predict that Apple and Google are dominating the smart phone market. But competitors aren’t likely to yield so quickly as many operators understand that winning market share now could generate healthy revenue streams for decades to come.

Smartphones to Spur Mobile Coupon Use

Could 2011 be the year that mobile coupons reach critical mass? Recent data shows that 28% of consumers now have smartphones. At the same time, over half (54%) of recently surveyed retailers say that within the next year, they’ll be delivering coupons to mobile phones.

Smart Phone Market Heats Up

Analysts believe that the sales of smart phones will surpass the sales of traditional mobile phones by the end of the 3rd Quarter 2011. Now that these devices have firmly established dominance in the marketplace, engineers and designers are hard at work to bring out the next generation of products. The release of these products in the next few years will also allow new players to enter the market.