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Do You Know Who’s Buying SEO Services This Year?

Some businesses just don’t commit to spending money on SEO. If you’re selling search marketing services, you may be able to better qualify prospects by understanding who is most likely to spend on this tactic.

SMB Owners Want Marketing Help

Last week was National Small Business Week. While it’s important to officially recognize the role SMBs play in our economy, your SMB clients likely focus on optimizing their performance every week. You can help as these folks say they need marketing help.

LCD, UHD, Video Walls Are Future of Business Signage

“Screens are going to get even wider than they are now, yet slimmer than ever before,” Debbie Wilson-dewitt writes. “The advance word is that technology for reflective displays —full color e-paper displays that are flexible and less than a micrometer thick that reflect light rather than emitting it, like real paper — has made some serious breakthroughs.”

Close to Half of All B2B Product Researchers Are Digital Natives

Digital natives who grew up with the internet and smartphones have transformed the way B2B buyers research purchases, qualify vendors and make purchases — changing the rules of the game for marketers and product managers, Harvard Business Review reports.

Over 60% of SMBs Use Outside Experts for PPC

With so many large businesses in the PPC market, can a small business expect a return on a big investment in search? A new Clutch survey shows how digital marketing services can help SMBs succeed at search.

SMB Optimism Growing for 2018

There’s good news for business owners and media sellers in the latest quarterly survey from Wells Fargo Works. Business optimism among the 603 SMB owners who took the survey is at an 11-year high. Here are the details.

49% Say They Plan to Host or Participate in a Webinar in 2018

Video continues to benefit a wide variety of different business functions, according to Wyzowl’s The State of Video Marketing 2018. Its most common benefit is increasing user understanding, but increased dwell time, sales, traffic, and reduced support queries are all attributed to video by sizeable chunks of marketers.

SMBs Express Record Optimism, More Interest in Digital Advertising

At the end of 2017, the small business optimism index stood at 104.8. The only other time the index has been nearly this high was in 2004, when it reached 104.6.

Know Where SMBs are Headed for 2018

From crowdfunding, to diversification, to tech startups, Groupon sees trends emerging among its small business clients. Here are six top small business trends to look for in 2018, as laid out by Groupon’s Jacqueline Emigh.

Direct Mail ROI Exceeds 18%

If your clients are looking for a way to make their messages stand out, talk to them about direct mail.

SMBs Should Use Co-op Advertising to All Advantages

“When it comes to choosing media for advertising or promotion, small businesses that use co-op advertising programs are like other SMBs in the Local Commerce Monitor survey — a Facebook page is the most used,” BIA/Kelsey reports. “As shown in the chart below, SMBs using co-op advertising funds like a blend of traditional and digital media for advertising and promotion.”

New Study: Small Business Saturday More Lucrative than Ever with Upscale Consumers

AudienceSCAN‰Ûªs Free White Paper Provides Businesses 12 Insights and Related Marketing Tips for Small Business Saturdayå¨, November 28, 2015

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