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SMBs Should Use Co-op Advertising to All Advantages

“When it comes to choosing media for advertising or promotion, small businesses that use co-op advertising programs are like other SMBs in the Local Commerce Monitor survey — a Facebook page is the most used,” BIA/Kelsey reports. “As shown in the chart below, SMBs using co-op advertising funds like a blend of traditional and digital media for advertising and promotion.”

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New Study: Small Business Saturday More Lucrative than Ever with Upscale Consumers

AudienceSCAN‰Ûªs Free White Paper Provides Businesses 12 Insights and Related Marketing Tips for Small Business Saturdayå¨, November 28, 2015

Small Biz Saturday: 23.5% ‘Shopped Small’ in 2014

Consumers have more positive outlooks leading into the 2015 holiday season. The majority of consumers plan to maintain their level of holiday spending this year, according to the NPD Group. Also, the National Retail Federation forecasts holiday sales will increase 3.7%, and online sales will increase between 6 and 8%.

Small Business Saturday More Lucrative Than Ever for Local Merchants

AudienceSCAN‰’s annual ‰Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2015‰ white paper clearly shows small and medium-sized businesses that planning for, and participating in, this national event can yield lucrative results. The paper contains fresh data from an annual survey of more than 14,000 consumers, revealing cutting-edge information in the hearts and minds of those most likely to be this year‰’s best customers.

66% of SMB Owners Worry about Finding New Customers

Small business owners cite personal challenges, including lack of time for themselves and for family and friends, in a new Constant Contact survey. Even in the face of these hardships, 84% would choose to do it all over again. The study reveals that SMBs enjoy being the boss but struggle to “do it all.”

SMBs Relying on Digital and Newspapers to Reach Local Audiences

Small business owners are feeling optimistic about the future. Borrell Associates regularly surveys a pool of small business operators to gauge their feelings about key trends in advertising and marketing. In the firm’s latest report, SMB owners say that both 2014 and 2015 should be good revenue years and to generate these sales increases they’ll be making some changes in their advertising mix.

SMBs to Address Their PPC Campaign Problems

Can a small or medium sized business (SMB) make a big impact with paid search campaigns? Analysts believe it’s possible but many SMBs are going about their campaigns, especially on Google’s AdWords, the wrong way. Wordstream just completed a study on this topic and has suggested several solutions to keep SMBs from wasting their ad budgets.

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B2B Content Marketing Continues to Grow

B2B marketers may be hesitant about investing heavily in pure social media or mobile campaigns, but they are keenly interested in content marketing. Brightcove sponsored a Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs research study on this topic and the results show that virtually all, 93%, of B2B operators are using content marketing. Nearly 6 in 10 B2B marketers will increase their budgets for this purpose in 2014.

SMB B2B Marketers Seek to Connect with Leads at the Right Time

Small B2B marketers are struggling to adjust their promotional strategies to match the lengthening sales cycle. In addition, these vendors realize they must reach out to prospects sooner. Business.com’s Small Business Pulse 2013 Lead Generation Insights research has found that over half of buyers are making purchase decisions before talking directly to sellers. This practice leads to lost opportunity for many marketers.

B2B Marketers to Improve Advertising, Support for SMBs

The typical small business owner (SBO) usually doesn’t have enough hours in the day to keep the enterprise running smoothly and to think ahead like a visionary. These entrepreneurs say they have to reach out for expert help on everything from managing health insurance to marketing. Cargo, a marketing agency, regularly issues reports on the SBO market and has just published a new study, Hey Brands, How About Some Support!, showing what advertisers should do to reach this sector.

More SMBs to Employ Geofencing and Hyperlocal Marketing

Last month, BIA/Kelsey reported that average small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use 5.8 marketing formats and show a willingness to experiment with new digital channels. The research company also notes that SMBs have been hesitant to try out location-market marketing, also known as geofencing. Their new analysis explains this hesitation and points out what might be necessary before geofencing takes off in the SMB market.

Small Businesses to Seek Help with Social Media Strategies

Most small and medium-size business (SMBs) owners obsess about where their next customers are going to come from. To make sure they stay in the game, these operators are keeping their ad spending steady in 2012 and are seeking help with social media. This strategy holds true whether they are targeting businesses or consumers.

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