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Local Events, Sponsorships Becoming Synonymous with Local Marketing

A study finds advances in local marketing are helping small businesses. Local dealers, agents and franchisees are looking for help with online marketing from national brand counterparts. Small businesses with tight budgets are finding success with online marketing, but with limited resources

66% of SMB Owners Worry about Finding New Customers

Small business owners cite personal challenges, including lack of time for themselves and for family and friends, in a new Constant Contact survey. Even in the face of these hardships, 84% would choose to do it all over again. The study reveals that SMBs enjoy being the boss but struggle to “do it all.”

Digital Radio Operators Moving into Local Ad Sales

Digital radio continues to attract listeners and revenue. But industry watchers worry that profitability problems and scale pose long-term challenges. The experiences of Pandora, a large industry operator, illustrate where the digital radio market is headed this year.

Social Media to Become More Important for Fast-Growing SMBs

As the speed of commerce increases, small and medium-sized (SMBs) know they need to stay top of mind with prospects and customers. The need to generate awareness is even more urgent for marketers who are in hyper-growth mode. LinkedIn has released a new study showing that its social network is a valued marketing tool for SMBs.

Large B2B Marketers Focus on SMBs in 2014

B2B marketing is big business. And the sector will grow this year as larger businesses get serious about targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Better Traction from Smarter SMB Interaction report from the CMO council explains why SMBs are an attractive target for larger businesses and how to increase sales through improved marketing campaigns.

SMBs Scrutinizing ROI of Favorite Traditional Media Formats

Are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still interested in buying ad space in traditional media? Research from BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor shows that the answer to this question is yes and that newspaper and direct mail are the most popular traditional formats for SMBs though digital formats are increasingly popular with SMBs. BIA/Kelsey analysts note that SMB reliance on the older formats may continue to fall though because the ROI numbers don’t support continued investment.

SMBs to Embrace Digital in 2014

For most SMBs, investing in new hardware and equipment comes only after existing systems have reached the end of their economic life. Retiring expensive assets too early isn’t prudent for cash-strapped enterprises. But, j2 Global, in its year-end SMB Survey, has recently found that a significant number of SMBs are ready to move into a new era and this is especially true with respect to their marketing strategies.

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SMBs to Allocate More Resources to Content Marketing

Earlier today, I highlighted Shafqat Islam’s predictions about content marketing in 2014. But what about small businesses? What will their goals and challenges be with respect to content marketing? The B2B Content Marketing Trends report released by the Content Marketing Institute late last year reveals the unique challenges smaller enterprises face as they try to optimize their investment in this format.

SMBs Seeking Outside Marketing Help

Most small business owners have limited financial resources and little spare time. Constant Contact calls these entrepreneurs the quintessential do-it-yourselfers. The firm’s new survey on SMB owners shows they have come up the learning curve on digital marketing very well but they would love to outsource specific tasks, especially social media.

SMBs Using More Marketing Vendors

Most small and medium-sized business (SMB) operators believe that the Internet has leveled the playing field in commerce. These businesses are using technology to access supplies and customers, sometimes on a national basis. It turns out that SMBs are also more likely to turn to digital marketing than their larger competitors. Writing for B2B Online, Christopher Hosford summarizes the results of Oracle Eloqua’s Defining the Modern Marketer: SMBs Driving Results report which reveals the ways SMBs are ahead of large businesses.

Marketers Expect Ad and Media Agencies to Focus on ROI

Ad agencies are required to walk a fine line these days. Sure, businesses appreciate the creative attitude that an agency can bring to the table. But, in the digital age, the focus is on quantifying the results of a campaign, regardless of the creative angle. This is one of the key findings from the 2013 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program published by Fournaise Marketing Group.

Local Marketers to Shift Funds to Cinema Format

Cinema advertising is on track to grow this year. Industry experts say that cinemas are selling over 90% of available inventory. The sector experienced a rebound on 2012 and analysts are looking for a significant gain in 2013. This gain will likely come from growth in the local markets, especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

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