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SEO: Giving Video Ads a Voice Before Viewers Even Press Play

Give your client’s video ads the boost they need to get ahead of the competition’s ads with this often overlooked ad strategy.

Use These Updated Ice Breakers With Your Network

The more you network, the more you will hear the same tired ice breakers about the weather. It’s time to boost your memorability and gain valuable intel about others by using new conversation drivers.

How Paid Social Ads and Other Digital Advertising Go Hand-in-Hand

Social media brings together a number of different forms of digital media that can be used outside of social media as well.

Mobile and Social Use to Drive Native Ad Investment

Native advertising is set to grow this year. Even the New York Times is now selling this form of ad space to marketers. According to Jason Miller who posts informative marketing articles on Linkedin, native, mobile and social media fit together in ways that make reaching consumers much easier for enterprises.

Email, Social and Search to Lead Digital Marketing Growth in 2014

Marketers have solidly committed to increasing their spending on digital advertising this year. The 2014 Marketing Trends Survey from Strongview indicates that over half of marketers will boost their email budgets. The other growth formats in digital will be search (both SEO and PPC) and social media.

New Social Sites Aim to Challenge Facebook’s Dominance

Does it matter that teens are losing interest in Facebook? Marketers have been rushing into social media marketing in hopes of reaching younger consumers who are focused on digital media and the main target has been Facebook. But Facebook recently acknowledged that teens are spending less time on the site. In addition, newer start-ups are attracting more attention, especially from the youth market. Enterprises need to stay aware of and respond to the changes in the social media world in order to successfully connect with younger consumers.

Marketers to Increase Social Media, Content Investment in 2014

Digital continues its slow but steady gain as a percentage of the total marketing budget. That trend will continue according to the analysts at WebMarketing 123 who have surveyed both B2B and B2C marketers about their 2014 digital plans in their new State of Digital Marketing Report. The surveyed enterprises will focus on 2 key issues regarding digital next year: Discovering which channels are most effective and proving ROI.

To Optimize Digital Outcome, More Marketers Fine-Tune Format Goals

Most marketers are using a mix of search, display and social ads as part of their paid digital media campaigns. Each one of these ad types should serve a unique purpose in a company’s overall strategy. Adobe and Econsultancy say that defining the purpose will also help a business more effectively optimize the performance of each format type.

Short-Term TV Advertising Outlook Improving

Marketers are spending more on national and cable TV than forecasters originally predicted for this year though the longer range outlook for the medium is a little weaker than analysts expected at the start of 2013. In addition, marketers appear to be shifting some of their digital spending from paid search into Facebook’s Promoted Posts. These trends will have a significant impact on key media companies according to a new Pivotal Research release on advertising, authored by Brian Wieser.

Mobile and Social Promotions for Pet Owners on the Rise

The love affair between Americans and their pets has never been stronger. About 36.5% of U.S. households own a dog and 30.4% share their homes with a cat. Mintel research shows that at least 16% of pet owners believe that new technologies, especially social media, can improve their bond with their cats and dogs. This attitude signals good news for marketers.

Media Companies to Challenge Google’s Dominance in Online Marketing

Can any technology existing today seriously challenge Google’s position as the champion of online advertising? Industry experts and startups are always looking for the next new thing. Some tech gurus believe that Twitter is preparing a new twist on promoted tweets which could chip away at Google’s lead in search marketing revenue.

Marketers to Promote CSR Programs Via Social and Mobile

Publicly-traded companies have shareholders to answer to and management is expected to generate a profit. Most private companies also hope to generate a profit. In addition to the focus on revenue, businesses must be mindful that today’s consumers want more than profits out of a business, especially on the social responsibility front. Enterprises that run their corporate social responsibility campaigns the right way can win over socially-minded consumers and improve profits at the same time.

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