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Does Your Sales Creativity Need a Boost?

Are you tired of prospecting, presenting, negotiating and closing the same old way? If so, your success rates could be falling. Prospects and clients can tell when you’re not into what you’re selling. To improve your numbers, why not try a little creativity? Most people don’t think of sales as a creative profession. After all,

Are You Ready to Lead Your Company into the Future?

Are you ready for the future? Is your company ready to take on the challenges of the next technology revolution? In a recent Fast Company post, Jared Lindzon describes the new type of leadership necessary to survive in a world where the pace of business is speeding up.

The ‘Videoquake’ is Here

Consumers know the kind of entertainment they want to view. These days, it’s all about streaming online video. Consumers like being able to watch what they want, when they want, and they want to keep their costs down.

37% of U.S. Adults Download Mobile Game Apps

Video games are capturing an increasing portion of consumers’ free time. As more content is being made available in the form of apps, consumers are also shifting from console-based to mobile-based video games. A new IAB analysis of Prosper Insight Data highlights the characteristics of the mobile-based video gaming audience.

Cinema Operators Use New Technology to Boost Ad Revenue

The cinema delivers captive audiences who are in a relaxed mood and receptive to what they see on the screen. Over 30,000 cinema screens are available to display marketer messages and the Cinema Ad Council notes that advertising levels have reached at least $600 million in each of the last three years. To grow revenues more quickly, some operators are turning to technology.

Emerging CE Product Categories to Spark Growth in 2014

Revenues for the consumer electronics (CE) industry are projected to grow 2.4% in 2014, reaching a new record high of $208 billion, according to a new study. New technology categories, including 3D printers, Bluetooth wireless speakers, convertible PCs, health and fitness devices, smart watches and Ultra HD television displays, are cumulatively expected to contribute more than $6 billion to the overall CE industry in 2014. While these emerging product categories represent less than three percent of the entire CE industry, they drive 65% of total industry revenue growth.

Auto Marketers Promoting Technology to Millennials

Millennials aren’t exactly the top auto buying demographic these days. Automakers hope to change that trend by encouraging these consumers to come into a dealership and take a test drive. One way to improve interest and sales is to promote technology according to a new Next Generation Car Buyer Study from Autotrader.com.

Builders to Promote Home Technology Features to Boost Sales

Now that builders see a possible end to the depressed conditions in the housing market, they are looking for ways to differentiate their offerings. Many have seized on home technology as a way to resonate with home buyers. The 10th Annual State of the Builder Technology Market Study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) shows how important this trend has become.

Smart Phone Marketers Planning 2012 Ad Blitz

Marketers in one of the fastest-growing consumer product categories will be funding ad campaigns and promotions at a blistering pace as they fight for market share this year. Some market watchers predict that Apple and Google are dominating the smart phone market. But competitors aren’t likely to yield so quickly as many operators understand that winning market share now could generate healthy revenue streams for decades to come.

Technology Set to Amplify 2012 Marketing

Now that more marketers are turning to digital ad campaigns, there’s pressure to stand out from the crowd. One way advertisers are doing this is through the use of more technology. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Susan Vranica summarized some of the developments that ad agencies expect to see with respect to creative campaigning in 2012.

Technology Enterprises to Up Marketing Budgets for 2012

Technology enterprises are feeling bullish about next year and plan to increase their marketing budgets. For the most part, digital media will benefit from the increased spending. But these enterprises are signaling their intent to return to event marketing next year as well.

More Telcos to Market Tech Support Services

Smartphones and other Internet-connected mobile devices are opening whole new worlds to consumers. But these devices don’t always function as smoothly as advertised. The complex technology and array of offered services can be confusing for consumers which means telephone companies might soon be upping their service game to give themselves a competitive edge.

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