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Cut Training Time With These Tips

In addition to working at a company with a great culture, and having meaningful assignments, your employees also expect training and development to improve their skills. How can you make this happen while also meeting your ROI targets?


Only 59% of Managers Can Support New Skills Learned by Team Members

If your company is in the process of merging with a former rival, or if you’re about to launch a major new product, your employees will require significant training and education. And, your managers must be ready to support their team members during this period of change.


Are You Giving Millennial Managers the Right Training?

A new RanstadUSA.com study explores the kind of training that managers, especially millennial managers, need in order to supervise employees.

SalesFuel® adds 2 more positions Company Further Expands, Optimizing Operations

SalesFuel, a leading sales enablement firm of sales management strategists, is pleased to announce the addition of two new employees to its team. The additions are a reflection of the upward trend of growth for SalesFuel, which recently launched its new product, TeamKeeper® , a revolutionary new data-driven talent retention platform for sales managers. The


Are You Optimizing Your Sales Team for Success?

To speed up the hiring process, managers may be tempted to bring in the same kind of sales rep who worked well in the past. Sona Jepsen, entrepreneur.com guest writer and vice president for Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) suggests a different thought process for hiring and training sales reps.


Leaders: Are Your Managers Trained in the Art of Downsizing?

Nobody enjoys being the bearer of bad news. As a manager, sooner or later, you’ll encounter a situation which requires you to give team members information that won’t be welcome.

Top Hacks to Help Young Supervisors Succeed

More leaders are promoting younger people into positions that require them to supervise much older team members. If you want to avoid a hit in performance that often accompanies this kind of change, check out this advice.

Top Tips for Training Your Millennial Salespeople

If you’re lucky enough to have energetic millennials in your sales department, you may need to adjust your training programs to get the best performance from these professionals.

SalesFuel BIA Kelsey sales enablement platforms

Investing in the Sales Process – Coaching and Metrics for Success

Sales team performance impacts the corporate bottom line. New data-driven sales enablement platforms assist sales leaders with onboarding, training & motivating salespeople. They give companies control of turnover, so they can deliberately focus on the most productive members, improving retention. Learn about them in this free white paper from BIA and SalesFuel.

How Do Your New Sales Reps Spend Their First Week on the Job?

To help your new hire succeed, you must focus on the right kind of training during the very first week. Jesse Davis, writing for SalesForce, tells you how to make sure your new salesperson is ready to hit the ground running.

How to Train Your New Gen Z Sales Rep

The next time you need to on-board a new salesperson, there’s a good chance you’ll be hiring a member of Gen Y or Z. Your old training process won’t work for these employees. Here’s what an industry expert says you must do.

Need for English Language Training Programs Means Agency Opportunity

As the demographics of the US continue to shift, one detail remains unchanged: English is the language of business and commerce in the US. However, immigrants are coming to the workplace with limited English skills.

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