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Charities to Target the 27% of Consumers Who Volunteer on Vacation

With temperatures warming up across the country, the countdown to summer travel season has officially begun. This year, as travelers start scouting out destinations, they’re picking places where they can feel good and do good at the same time.

Hotels to Promote Friendly Accommodations for Pride Celebrations

With April acting as the unofficial kick off to Pride season, recognized annually and internationally throughout June, now is the perfect time to start planning a trip around the upcoming 2019 Pride festivities. Travelers planning a trip to celebrated Pride destinations including Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York City can browse hotels, booking tips and itineraries.

Insurance Companies to Target the 54% of Travelers Who Have Never Considered Travel Insurance

A new survey conducted by travel insurance comparison site TravelInsurance.com found that even though travelers are concerned with travel disruptions and many have experienced mishaps while on vacation, fewer than half of those surveyed have purchased travel insurance. Of those who didn’t purchase travel insurance, only a third even considered it.

46% of Americans Think Travel Agents Add Value to Trips

The vast majority of Americans (75%) would consider working with a travel agent to plan their vacations, while some 27 million travelers plan to do so just within the next year, according to new research from AAA Travel. The outlook remains positive for years to come, with younger travelers embracing the expertise of travel agents. In fact, millennials are just as likely as baby boomers to say they are planning to use a travel agent for a trip in the next 12 months.

Rare Opportunity: Travel Frenzy Over Solar Eclipse

“Get ready for solar eclipse mania,” Beth Harpaz writes for Statesman Journal. “Destinations in the path of the Aug. 21 eclipse, which will be visible in the U.S. along a narrow path from Oregon to South Carolina, are going wild with plans for festivals, concerts and viewing parties.”

Travel Industry to Target the HENRYs Going Abroad in 2017

Gary Leopold makes a case for targeting HENRYs — High Earners Not Rich Yet – in Marketing:Travel. It’s a name that Fortune Magazine coined back in 2003, and today stands for a fast-growing audience that are in high-paying jobs and increasingly looking to experience luxury goods and services.

Mobile Devices Offer Effective Means for Connecting with Travelers

New technologies have the potential to offer hotel guests a range of personalized new services and tools. Mobile websites are the most widely used technology for hotels; apps are another great tool and hotels are using them for a range of purposes. The combination of customer service and engagement makes mobile devices a potentially effective means for hotels to connect with their clients.

Marketers Tap into Spontaneous Travelers with Mobile Promotions

Now that consumers have a non-stop flow of information at their fingertips, they’re using their mobile devices at all times of the day to handle tasks that may have been put off until the evening or weekends in previous years. This includes travel planning. Travel services operators are tapping into this trend in several ways and they’ve also discovered that mobile promotions might help them appeal to the spontaneous nature of some travelers according to a TravelPulse report.

Large Travel Marketers Investing in Digital Advertising

Digital ad spending by travel marketers is poised to increase by double digits this year and next. This growth is being driven by competition between large travel marketers. While big companies like Priceline.com, Expedia and Orbitz have been spending heavily on paid search, eMarketer analysts say more consumers are clicking on ads through mobile devices instead of PCs. This trend may prompt the travel marketers to make some changes.