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Yoga Classes to Target Seniors

“As you age, it’s normal to become less limber, reports Harvard Health Publishing. Your muscles shrink and your tendons lose their water content, which makes your body stiffer. But add in less activity from a sedentary lifestyle and your lack of flexibility can become even worse.”

Wellness ‘Retreatments’ Trending in Travel

“Next-gen wellness retreats want to add stamps to your passport!” Well + Good reports. “Wellness travel’s always been a thing, but now curated experiences developed by leading wellness insiders and top tier fitness instructors are trending—and retreats are getting more sophisticated as a result.”

Plus-Size Yoga Apparel Represents Opportunity for Retailers

As the estimated $10 billion yoga segment continues to gain popularity, analysts believe there is a potentially lucrative market for clothing companies to outfit curvier bodies. More medical experts are recommending yoga, as nearly two-thirds of the adult population are overweight or obese. Yet overweight consumers often struggle to find comfortable activewear.