Introducing TeamKeeper®

The revolutionary new platform for Data-Driven Sales Manager Enablement™

The only thing harder than finding good salespeople is keeping them. That’s why we built TeamKeeper®. Similar to how CRMs are used by reps to manage their accounts (sales enablement), TeamKeeper is a revolutionary, new cloud-based SaaS platform used by SALES MANAGERS to discover, develop, engage, motivate and retain their salespeople (sales manager enablement) – and it’s coming February 2017!

After you’ve made a great new hire, retaining them long enough to generate a return on investment requires three essential activities from their direct manager:


TeamKeeper reveals hidden secrets about your reps that have prevented them from reaching their full potential
  • Reveal their core competencies using Talent Insights from 3 types of scientific assessments
  • Uncover their true strengths and weaknesses for each stage of the sales process
  • Discover who has the tech skills to thrive in today’s marketplace
  • Benchmark their skills against your team, division, company or all salespeople in other companies
  • Learn how to connect with each individual, what opens them up, what shuts them down
  • Know what to watch for and how to keep each rep from going sideways


Talent Insights from DISCOVERY enable managers to more effectively coach, train and develop reps unique needs
  • Properly onboard new hires with the right mentor and training
  • Quit wasting so much time with future alumni
  • Groom top performers for more responsibility
  • Always know who to coach, when to coach, what to coach and how
  • Set more effective Goals/OKRs
  • Never let 1-on-1s fall between the cracks
  • Make training impactful with individualized e-learning plans
  • Develop managers by measuring their talent development results


TeamKeeper's engagement and status checking tools turn managers from enforcers to positive reinforcers
  • You can’t fix what you don’t see – measure how your team feels about their workplace with weekly, anonymous engagement polls
  • Reinforce behavior aligned with your values with recognition tools
  • Analyze how key metrics of your team culture are trending
  • Discover the best ways to motivate each rep – it’s not always about money
  • Greatly reduce time required for follow-ups and status checks
  • Determine who is a “long-term fit” worthy of investment

Learn how TeamKeeper keeps the development and retention of your best salespeople front and center every day.