Time For the Industry to “Get Creative,” Says Group M CEO

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Agencies need to step up to the plate and lead. That was the message delivered by Marc Goldstein, Group M’s CEO-North America at the 4A’s Media Conference. He called upon those in the advertising world to use their creative talents to meet consumers’ increasing expectation for something unique and different. Agencies, he said, are experienced at evolving and adapting, something which they will need to continue to do in light of the weak economy. Read on for the opening of Goldstein’s speech, and click here to read it in its entirety via Advertising Age. “As you know, the theme of this year’s conference focuses on the consumer. As the title states, the consumer is watching, listening, clicking and connecting. And as we would all acknowledge, the consumer has more control than ever before. Technology has made sure of that. DVRs, online programming, mobile applications, video-on-demand, iPods, podcasts, gaming and all the other new channels of communications have given the consumer-and by the way, let’s not forget that’s us too-the ability to watch what we want, when we want, either with or without commercial interruption. So, as I said, the consumer is in control and as a result “we are not.” I also think something else is going on with consumers. They are doing all those things mentioned in the conference’s title — watching, listening, clicking and connecting. But I believe there is another word ending in I-N-G that should be included on that list. The consumer is expecting something, and I believe they are expecting something from us. I believe they’re expecting us to be more innovative, creative and imaginative than we’ve ever been in our careers. I think they want us to give them things they’ve never seen before, and to inform them of the things they need to know in ways they’ve never experienced before. I think they’re expecting us to respect the way they receive and process information while still informing and entertaining them. I think they’re expecting a lot from us. And my friends, I’m here to tell you that we better deliver….”.

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