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March 22, 2017

Dealers to Appeal to SUV Shoppers with Fuel Efficiency

Courtney Huckabay

Consumer Reports spotlights the top most fuel-efficient SUVs based on the overall fuel economy test results, omitting electric vehicles. "Many SUVs now have fuel economy on par with large sedans," Jeff Bartlett writes. "Not surprisingly, there are hybrids and diesel SUVs leading several key categories, but as you'll see, the most fuel-efficient SUVs are hybrids and small models with regular gasoline engines."

March 21, 2017

Wellness ‘Retreatments’ Trending in Travel

Courtney Huckabay

"Next-gen wellness retreats want to add stamps to your passport!" Well + Good reports. "Wellness travel’s always been a thing, but now curated experiences developed by leading wellness insiders and top tier fitness instructors are trending—and retreats are getting more sophisticated as a result."

March 16, 2017

How to Find Your Path to Active Leadership

Kathy Crosett

If you’re spending your lunch break whining to your co-workers about how things would be different if you were in charge of the company, don’t expect anything to change. More often than not, the changes you want will come about only if you initiate them.