E-mail: Another wonderful tool at our fingertips to generate new business. But are you going about sending sales-related e-mails the wrong way? Sadly, many people are, including a particular salesperson who “cold” e-mailed Jim Logan, blogger at B2B Rainmaker. While Logan keeps the guilty party’s identity confidential, he shares the e-mail and asks his readers if they can spot the mistakes. The following is a copy of the e-mail: My names is [Joe Salesperson] and I am contacting you on behalf of [Company]. We are a lead validation and management provider. As an affiliate network, you know the importance of lead quality and understand how vital it is to the success of your business. We are currently offering two validation platforms at highly competitive prices and very flexible contracts. [Company] might be able to add value to your already existing business. Our platforms can be easily white labeled and we offer dedicated account support and easy campaign setup. If this is something that interested you I would love the opportunity to further discuss what we can offer you. Any consideration is greatly appreciated. Thanks, [Joe Salesperson] According to Logan, this e-mail has “plenty” of mistakes. Can you find them all? To find out, click here to read his follow-up post.