For many years, silver has reigned supreme as the top choice for auto color. Paint manufacturer PPG routinely announces trends in consumer preferences and here’s what the experts say is the breakout for vehicle color choice in 2008:

  • Silver 20%
  • White 18%
  • Black 17%
  • Red 13%
  • Blue 12%
  • Natural 9%
  • Niche market colors 7%
  • Green 4%

Industry watchers shouldn’t count out blue, though, as consumers showed a clear preference for that hue at the most recent North American International Auto Show. Another industry trend is the blending of pure hues with more complex shading or sparkling highlights.
Read the entire article to learn how US preferences compare to the international market and keep this information in mind as you develop the visual aspects of client campaigns.

[Source: PPG release, 10.15.208]