12% Dissatisfied with Internet Provider

Comcast Corp. is the top Internet provider in the United States, followed by AT&T Inc., Time Warner Cable Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. Google Fiber is thought to be a challenger, due to its higher speeds and massive reach. Respondents are more satisfied with Internet from wireless carriers than cable companies.

Respondents are more satisfied with Internet from wireless carriers than cable companies, despite most of them using cable companies."Comcast Corp. and AT&T remained in the top two spots but received fewer mentions in March, but Time Warner Cable Inc. and Verizon received more mentions," Blueshift Research reports in Trends Tracker.

"Almost half of respondents reported being extremely or very satisfied with their current provider, particularly Verizon and AT&T. Comcast and Time Warner had the lowest satisfaction ratings of the top four."

"Google might have a hard time adding new customers as it recently raised its monthly rates by $10. AT&T announced it would match Google‰Ûªs Internet speeds and prices, but would charge an additional $30 to subscribers wanting to avoid streaming commercials."

"The FCC‰Ûªs ruling on net neutrality could result in higher rates for Internet subscribers."

Blueshift asked, "How satisfied are you with your Internet service?"

  • The most, 31.8%, were moderately satisfied. But, a close 31.2% were very satisfied.
  • When filtering for the top four companies, Blueshift found that 60.9% of respondents were very or extremely satisfied with Verizon service, 48.7% were very or extremely satisfied with AT&T, 43% were very or extremely satisfied with Comcast, and 40% are very or extremely satisfied with Time Warner.

With changes to the industry approaching, and customers losing confidence in providers, now is the time for your local Internet providers to ramp up their marketing plans. They can target potential Internet provider switchers with AudienceSCAN data. 12% of consumers dislike the quality of service provided by their current Internet providers. 18% of them have children aged 5–9 at home.

More and more of them are spending their time AWAY from home, so focus on their needs/​desires to take the Internet WITH them, out of the home. For example, 42.5% read fiction books or novels in their free time. They could be reading these books on their tablets, so try some mobile advertising. 36% are outside, exploring nature in their down time; another 34% are traveling across the U.S. Reinforce the ability to take the Internet everywhere they go, especially to the 23% who enjoy camping/​hiking.

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Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.