12 Powerful Sales Tools to Help You Achieve Stellar Results

BY Kathy Crosett
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The latest sales tools on the market can help you with every step in the sales process. Increasingly, these tools rely on AI-​based technology. Instead of stealing your job, these tools allow you to stay a step ahead of your competitors and prospects.

If you feel like you cannot keep pace with the tasks your manager has handed out, you are not alone. Chances are, your tough quota is keeping you up at night. Your life as a sales professional doesn’t have to be so stressful, especially when you use this guide.

Sales Prospecting Tools to Help Conquer Customers

Like any sales professional, you need to fill your pipeline. You also have to keep prospects moving through the funnel. If you don’t, the dreaded month-​end meeting will arrive, and you’ll have nothing but a goose egg to report.

Credibility and Reputation Management

One way to catch the interest of prospects in your industry is to improve your digital credibility. These tools can help you do that.

  1. SalesCred PRO’s Digital Cred Check

This sales tool allows you to measure and optimize your online credibility. Regardless of the vertical you sell in, you can be confident that prospects will notice you as they search online for solutions to their current problems. The tool’s 7‑day free trial will demonstrate the power of this platform.

Research shows that 38% of buyers investigate possible vendors and solutions online before reaching out for more information. Positioning yourself as a knowledgeable and credible expert in a prospect’s vertical gives you an advantage over your competitors.

2. Reputation​.com

Sales reps know they should track what people say about them and their company. Managing those inputs and your responses can be a challenge unless you use a tool for sales like Reputation. This platform makes it easier for clients to monitor and respond to reviews quickly. 

In addition, users can also track ratings and reviews on their competitors.

3. ReviewInc

This tool helps reps and their businesses boost their reputation by actively managing reviews. This automated system is particularly helpful for tracking negative reviews. When reps quickly and positively interact with unhappy customers, prospects will be impressed.


Prospecting can be a giant time-​sink for sales professionals. They have to guess at which businesses might be interested in their solutions. In addition, they have to find current contact information.

Several powerful sales tools can help with this task.

  1. Ocean

You can work more efficiently when you use sales lead generation tools like Ocean. This platform allows you to search for businesses which are “lookalikes” to your ideal customers. Ocean’s Lookalike Search tool matches your products with prospects that want what you sell.

And the Intent Signal tool lets you know when these prospects are searching. With that information, you know who to target at exactly the right time.

2. Anymailfinder​.com

Reps often know the name of the contact they want to reach. But finding their email address can be frustrating, unless they have this tool. Anymail finder also guarantees a 97%+ delivery rate.

3. SalesIntel​.io

This service provides names and email addresses. A deeper dive into their database also reveals titles and departments. When users can’t find contact information, the company’s research-​on-​demand feature delivers what they need.

Moreover, the platform’s Intent Signals feature allows reps to understand who is visiting their site. With that information they can quickly connect with a hot prospect.

Deal Velocity

Maybe you’ve heard the “deal velocity” threat from your manager a little too often. As your manager reminds you of your tough quota, they want to know why a potential whale is stalled in the pipeline.

They don’t want excuses about how you need more time to stay engaged with every lead. A better answer is to use an effective pipeline management tool AI sales tool.

  1. Outreach.io

This tool promises to help reps “close more pipeline.” AI-​powered Outreach generates a deal health score.

Another competitive edge is the ability to review the language prospects use in emails to anticipate likely objections.

2. Salesken​.ai

The platform helps reps properly qualify and interact with leads. Salesken shines when agents need real-​time prompts during a sales call. Handling discovery and price negotiations is a plus for agents who must identify and keep leads moving through the funnel.

3. Coefficient​.io

This power tool for sales shows you data on seven pipeline metrics. The deal size, average win rate and sales cycle appear on a spreadsheet with other data points.

This visual allows users to see and simplify logjams. The company’s freemium model allows users to try out the tools before they make a purchase decision.

Tools to Retain Customers

Because it costs so much to replace a customer, sales professionals are ready to take game-​changing action to increase retention rates. Several powerful sales tools rely on AI-​based technology to make that job easier.

  1. Sprinklr​.com

Clients occasionally tell service providers one thing when really mean something else. When you use sales automation tools such as Sprinklr Insights, you will know what the customer is saying on multiple channels.

And with the tool’s AI-​based technology, you will also see the reviews and comments made on social media about your product. Having that information easily accessible in one location makes it easier for you to understand your customers’ sentiments.

2. Amplitude

Another way to determine what customers are up to is to track their service usage. If you’ve sold a large account a multi-​service package, do you know which one they like best? It often comes down to which feature they use most frequently.

Amplitude is one of the best tools for sales to help you track what customers are doing as they interact with your service. The company’s recently introduced Session Replay feature helps companies follow users through online sessions.

Once it’s obvious what clients like, you can develop effective and personalized marketing campaigns. And that strategy will result in better renewal and upsell rates.

3. ProProfs Survey Maker

Clients don’t like to be ignored. You can maintain serviced-​based interaction with a tool like ProProfs Survey Maker. Surveys, assessments and polls take the pulse of your clients. You’ll learn what they like about your products.

Proactive sales professionals and businesses can use this sales tool to query customers about their wish lists. You no longer have to guess about the features they want to see in your next release. 

Asking them in a survey format generates great customer inputs and makes your data management processes more efficient.

Final Thoughts

It never hurts to have a positive mindset and a game plan for how to crush your tough quota. But don’t overlook the need to invest in AI-​based sales tools to improve your credibility, productivity and outcomes.

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