20% will Buy Major Kitchen Appliances

Men and women shop for appliances differently, but getting a good price is a common goal.åÊThat‰Ûªs what Consumer Reports discovered in the annual Appliance Retailer Satisfaction survey when they talked to more than 21,000 subscribers who bought more than 32,000 appliances.

"When men and women go shopping for appliances, they‰Ûªre both looking for the best price but they go about getting it in slightly different ways," EdåÊPerratore wrote in Consumer Reports. "Women are more likely to take advantage of e‑mail notices of sales and discounts while men are more likely to negotiate."

"Male and female shoppers also differ in how they approach their purchases. Women are more interested in seeing and touching the models they‰Ûªre considering. By a margin of 6%, women preferred shopping for a major appliance in person. The margin was smaller with small appliances. And although women paid, on average, almost $40 more for major appliances than men, they were much more likely to get a price break by doing their homework first and finding discounts."

"Male shoppers were somewhat more likely to try to negotiate the price of a major appliance‰ÛÓthough only 36% of all respondents made an effort,"åÊPerratore wrote. "Yet when the women we surveyed did haggle, they were just as effective at getting a deal. And about 75% of men and women who tried to negotiate ended up saving money. Telling a retailer they found a better price at a competitor often did the trick. Just as effective: Simply asking for a better price."

"Neither males nor females dominated decisions over which appliance to buy with one exception‰ÛÓgas grills, proving the old stereotype that outdoors men wear the aprons. When it came to grill purchases, men were 5% more likely to make the purchase."

"Home Depot, Lowe's, and Sears might sell the most large appliances in the U.S., but they aren't necessarily customer favorites. In theåÊRatings of appliance stores survey, subscribers told Consumer Reports about their overall satisfaction based on experiences buying 32,000 large and small appliances. A Chicago-​area store and several regional chains got good marks from readers who shopped at a variety of places, including warehouse, big-​box, and department stores with varying results. The survey asks about major appliances (such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, and ranges) and small appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, coffeemakers, and gas grills)."

According to the survey, Abt continues its reign as the favorite place to buy large appliances and Amazon is again the winner for small appliance buys.åÊAfter Abt, independent retailers ranked highest for large appliance buys followed by Costco and the Nebraska Furniture Mart, which is new to the list. " This year, some newcomers made it to the list. Williams-​Sonoma was second only to Amazon for small appliance purchases and Ace Hardware and Costco edged out QVC, last year‰Ûªs second-​place finisher. No appliance retailer earned perfect scores in all areas and overall shoppers were relatively satisfied."

Follow up these great stats from Consumer Reports with even more great stats from the AudienceSCAN Report on Major Kitchen Appliance Shoppers. All of your appliance retailers will benefit from knowing that 20% of Americans plan to purchase major kitchen appliances this year! 22% of Kitchen Appliance Shoppers have children aged 13–17 living at home. Make sure your retailers are blogging! This audience is 51% more likely than average to read a blog every day. Sell your local retailers on SEM because 16% of shoppers used Bing Local to search for business information, and another 22% downloaded apps for a products they're considering.

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Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.