2009 Venture Capital Trends and Clean Energy

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Investors may be hypersensitive to market bubbles after the debacles of the Internet crash in 2000 and the current housing crisis.  While some industry watchers have suggested a similar situation could occur in the clean energy movement, venture capitalists do not see trouble on the 2009 horizon.

Over 9/10's of venture capitalists and other experts expect to see at least 10% investment increases in this sector. The optimists are looking for investment increases of 20%. Investments will be spread among the following sectors:

  • Energy storage such as fuel cells and batteries
  • Clean coal
  • Wind energy
  • Alternative fuels
  • Solar

By region, investment in this industry will vary:

  • West Coast 60%
  • Southwest 14%
  • Midwest 13%
  • Northeast 9%
  • Southeast 4%

Is your firm prepared to help energy clients market their new technologies?

[Source: KMPG Release, 9.23.2008]
Kathy Crosett
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