2021 Opportunities for Sales Growth & Success

BY Jessica Helinski
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Now is the time to consider 2021 opportunities for sales. While 2020 has been a difficult and strange year, it doesn’t mean the next year doesn’t have major possibilities for growing sales and finding new business. If you aren’t sure what 2021 opportunities look like, thankfully, others have some insight. HubSpot’s Yamini Rangan recently wrote a blog post about how salespeople can grow sales in the new year. 

She first acknowledges that 2020 was rough as many businesses shut down, cut spending, shed workers, and shifted to virtual offices. Salespeople had to adjust to new situations and rely heavily on digital tools to sell and network. But despite these changes, salespeople can still drive sales in the coming year. “While this year has knocked us all off-​balance, opportunities for growth still exist,” she writes. She goes on to explain that HubSpot revealed what 2021 opportunities exist in light of what we have learned from this year, and she shares these findings with readers.

2021 opportunities for sales reps

Strategically leveraging technology will be a huge game-​changer for sales next year. In 2020, reps scrambled to adopt and adapt to digital tools during their sales process. Next year, they need to be comfortable with these tools and be able to leverage them for success. And, how they leverage it will be key. Rangan reports that how what impacted sales success in 2020 was how technology was used. She shares the following insights to consider when considering 2021 opportunities:

  • Video. It’s no surprise that video tools, like Zoom, played a key role in the sales process this year. In fact, those who used video during conferences and meetings reported more success than those who didn’t. Rangan recommends turning on your video for your sales interactions. A recent SalesFuel post also backs up this tip, reporting that deals are 127% more likely to close when video is used during the process. 
  • Automation. To succeed next year, make sure you are using some form of automation, as this technology had a notable positive impact this year. “When we compared over-​performing and underperforming sales leaders, we noticed a 61% vs. 46% spread of whether or not they said they were using automation,” she shares. 

But leveraging these two key technologies isn’t the only way to capture 2021 opportunities. 

Another suggestion is to showcase empathy in all communications. While empathy has always been important to sales, it’s now more important ever. This is also one of the easiest 2021 opportunities to jump on. “As you plan for 2021 and beyond, sharpen your focus on your customer or prospect,” Rangan urges. “When it comes to communicating with your customers or prospects, our recommendation is simple: show your human side.” 

Use research to draw attention to a specific need of theirs, consider offers and promotions to ease any budget burdens, and find ways to add even more value through education, like webinars. As I wrote in a previous post, showing empathy also can be as simple as a shift in tone. “Take a look at the messages you are sending to prospects and clients: What is their tone? Now is the time to communicate mindfully with empathy…Show the prospect or client that you care, you’re on their side, and you are a trustworthy partner both now and down the road.”

With the year winding down, take what you’ve learned this year, along with Rangan’s suggestions, and craft your own list of 2021 opportunities. Be mindful about your approach in the new year and lean into strategies that others used successfully in 2020. As Rangan reminds us in her post, “While this year has knocked us all off-​balance, opportunities for growth still exist.”