3 Client Types You Haven't Customized a Service Plan For

BY Rachel Cagle
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We all know that each client is different and so their customer service plan must be unique to them as well. However, not many salespeople take the time to think through more than just, “Should I call or email my client?” According to CustomerThink’s Niamh Reed, customer service plans need to be way more versatile than that, especially when a new customer is learning to utilize your product or service. Here are a few types of clients Reed highlights that can sometimes be overlooked:


Sometimes, being walked through a process verbally isn’t enough to help the information stick. When in the learning process, visual learners need, well, visuals. They want pictures and videos detailing the processes they should be following or the explanations they need. Once they’re past the learning stage, don’t forget to take advantage of the visual trait in your outreach. Include emojis, GIFs, and pictures in your outreach messages. They’ll appreciate the effort.


These are your no-​nonsense, cut-​to-​the-​chase clients. They want to know the facts and view all other information as a waste of time. They obviously want to learn from concise, well laid-​out instructions. And in further outreach, they want facts. Instead of filler small talk, throw in some research or numbers that will be useful and assure them that everything is going smoothly.


These people desire human interaction. They want to be able to reach out to you at all times with their problems and feedback and they also are up for small talk and extending your professional relationship to talk about personal aspects of your lives, such as pets and children. Make sure you’re available to them during their learning process just in case they have questions and continue that availability into your business relationship. Make sure they feel heard and they’ll feel happy as a result.