3 Distractions Killing your Sales

How many times have you thought, “Where did the time go?” or, “I don’t have enough time in the day?” Everyone has the same 24 hours to work with, but how you choose to spend your time can make a huge difference in your productivity.

What might seem like productive work can actually be a huge distraction from obtaining your objectives. Reuben Yonatan shares in his article on Smallbiztrends​.com 5 distractions that are hindering your sales. So if you’re ready to never feel short of time again, here are 3 you can address immediately:

1. Follow-​up work

We all know email can be a huge time-​suck, and follow-​up work falls into the same category of necessary, but distracting tasks. Don’t discount the importance of all the menial tasks follow-​up work implies (they are part of the sales process for a reason after all), but instead of completing it bit by bit, set aside a chunk of time to knock out all of your follow-​up work for everything you completed that day. This can create a more effective and efficient workflow.

2. Social Media

Oh the siren call of Facebook and Twitter…while it is a good idea to take breaks throughout the day, if you are not careful, checking social media sites or top headlines can quickly turn into a bottomless void. And suddenly, an hour has gone by and you are behind in your work. So turn off your social notifications when working, and when you do pause for a 5‑minute reprieve, set an alarm so you know when it’s time to get back to work.

3. Office Gossip

Yonatan advises, “There is a fine line between networking and sharing information, and complaining about how awful a particular client or coworker can be.” You don’t want to be completely unavailable to your colleagues, but that doesn’t mean you have to partake in every conversation at the water cooler (or in the next cubicle). To avoid these distracting and potentially damaging conversations, put in your headphones, shut your office door, or use some other visual cue to let others know you do not want to be interrupted right now.

Remove these three distractions from your day and you will immediately see an increase in your productivity. More productivity leads to more sales and can propel you to the top of the class!

Amanda Levin

Amanda Levin

Amanda is the Director of Operations at SalesFuel. She previously specialized in major accounts research and digital marketing trends for SalesFuel Today. She holds a Bachelors in Media Studies from Ohio University.