3 Good Sales Tips That Are Very Unconventional

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It can be difficult to come across good sales tips that are new and fresh. So many rely on traditional advice and practices, and while that’s fine, reps may want to break from the mold. Sellers who want to think outside the box should consider these unconventional sales suggestions:

  1. Target and sell to "train wrecks"
  2. Quad-​tap your prospects
  3. Find and lean into tension-​filled topics

Good sales tips can include nontraditional tactics

Writing for Sales Hacker, Nate Nasralla shares sales-​boosting suggestions he’s come across that will appeal to reps seeking something a little different. As he explains, “If you want uncommon results — revenue that’s literally unmatched by anyone else on the leaderboard — then you’ll need to develop a set of uncommon sales practices.” While he admits that these tactics may not be for everyone, part of the point is to challenge how you traditionally do things. Even if only one of his tips feels right, it’s OK. You’ve still considered an uncommon way of thinking, which can inspire future outside-​the-​box thinking. 

Target and sell to "train wrecks"

Sales reps know that qualifying prospects is an important time-​saving strategy to ensure they’re targeting leads with the most potential. These leads likely include companies that are expanding, but what about those that aren’t on the fast track. Nasralla makes the case for considering leads that may be a little behind, and it all comes down to time-​to-​value (TTV). “Rapid ‘time-​to-​value’ is the key to land-​and-​expand deals — which are an easier approach in the current economy,” he explains. “You’ll always make a more visible impact inside trainwrecks. So look for bottom performers in your customer peer group, not the all-stars.” 

While this is a good sales tip, it also can be a challenge. But a challenge might just be what you need to break free from a rut or go beyond last year’s performance. Before immediately dismissing a lead, consider the immense impact you can have (as long as their needs and your offerings align). 

Quad-​tap your prospects

Nasralla admits that this tip initially made him uncomfortable. It comes from sales pro Lauren Surman, and she suggests that when reaching out to a prospect, do so via four different channels at the same time. While this definitely goes against traditional advice, Nasrall points out that Lauren makes an excellent point when defending her tip. “What’s more annoying?” she asks. “A short, focused sprint that’s highly-​personal, to communicate just how important they are? Or a long, drawn-​out chase over the course of weeks when they’re not interested in hearing from you?”

And there’s a smart way to go about quad-​tapping without being annoying. Consider the unique ways that you can engage and how you can express some value doing each. For example, while one tap could be a typical sales email, another could be an interaction with one of the prospect's LinkedIn posts. Comment on a post with your own insights or support, which comes across as less aggressive and pushy. 

The goal here is to finish the Quad Tap within 5 minutes,” she explains. “The point is a short, focused sprint that’s highly personal, to communicate just how important they are…Plus, you’re giving the prospect a series of options, so they can choose the method they’re most comfortable responding through. Meet them where they’re at.”

Find and lean into tension-​filled topics

You might wonder how this could ever be considered a good sales tip. It just depends on your approach. While you’re not seeking to create tension, you’re also not playing it safe by tiptoeing around hot topics. Subtly and respectfully challenging your prospects is an effective way to get them to think outside of the box as well, and also face hard truths. 

SalesFuel has also argued for adding a bit of tension: “Yes, asking difficult questions can be uncomfortable, but when it’s coming from a place of genuine curiosity and caring, it can do wonders for uncovering new insights.” 

For tips on how to thoughtfully use tension to connect and solve issues for prospects, check out our advice here

Don’t be close-​minded when it comes to advice. Good sales tips don’t have to always be traditional; by embracing the uncommon you give yourself the opportunity to break free from the crowd of other sellers and push you, and prospects, even further.

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Jessica Helinski

Jessica Helinski

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