3 Sales Pipeline Tips for Salespeople

BY Jessica Helinski
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As the industry continues to evolve, especially regarding digital, reps should make sure their pipeline management evolves, too. There are a lot of tips for salespeople available to help sellers adjust their practices.

A good sales pipeline can help sales reps move prospects along the sales cycle, from nascent opportunity to closed sale, forecasting more accurately as they go,” explain the professionals at Salesloft

But, as Kathy Floam-​Greenspan notes for Forbes, “Many rank lead generation among the most pressing business challenges, allocating significant financial and personnel resources to generating new leads.”

This aligns with SalesFuel’s own findings: Nearly a quarter say prospecting is a top weakness. And 23% say one of their biggest weaknesses is lead nurturing. 

Pipeline-​Building Tips for Salespeople

The digital landscape presents so many opportunities for sellers. But it can also be a challenge. “Digital channels are crowded,” Floam-​Greenspan writes. “You have limited opportunities to engage potential customers, which means content must be engaging and useful.” 

So this means that you must be very knowledgeable about your target market. Then, you need to curate content that is relevant and valuable to them. Impress prospects quickly by cutting through the clutter and grabbing their attention with content they want and need. 

It also helps your sales pipeline if establish yourself as a thought leader and credible expert. As Salesloft suggests, “Aim to educate by answering questions your competitors aren’t—or if they are, add unique value to recurring pain points like pricing or onboarding.”

And don’t discount how important sharing digital content can be. SalesFuel’s Voice of the B2B Buyer Study found nearly 20% of buyers, when making a purchase, “develop selection criteria and finalize a short list of vendor candidates based solely on digital content."

For advice on effectively researching your ideal prospects, take a look at these pre-​call research suggestions

Stand Out With Video

Many lead-​generating tips for salespeople involve including video in their sales pipeline management. This media type can be powerful, both as an attention-​getter and for making personal connections–and an effective tool for filling your pipeline.

The Voice of the B2B Buyer study revealed that many buyers purposefully seek video content when researching vendors. And Floam-​Greenspan notes that, “Businesses are taking note, with many incorporating video as a central part of their marketing tactics, recognizing its importance in driving sales, product comprehension and brand awareness.”

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of integrating video. Short, informative clips can be used in all sales pipeline stages. Short videos can be a perfect way to introduce yourself, do a mini demo of your solution or a quick post-​meeting wrap-​up and thank you. 

Focus on clear storytelling, high-​quality production and a clear call to action,” she adds. And for a deeper dive into how to craft a winning sales video, follow these tips for salespeople. 

Embrace Digital Tools

Digitals tools can help sellers build, and manage their pipelines. If you haven’t started using them, it’s time to start. 

For example, Cecily Giancaterino, Five CRM, suggests sellers consider a tool that offers pipeline automation.

Sales pipeline automation refers to the use of technology and software tools to streamline and automate various stages of the sales process, from lead generation to closing deals,” she explains. “Sales pipeline automation simplifies lead management by automating lead capturing, nurturing, and qualification processes. It ensures that leads are properly tracked, assigned to the right sales representatives, and nurtured through personalized communication.”

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For even more insightful tips for salespeople regarding their pipelines, check out this episode of the Manage Smarter podcast. It features Steve Gielda, co-​founder of Ignite Selling and author of Ignite Your Sales Strategies: A field guide to accelerating the pipeline.

By making the effort to evolve your pipeline, especially in relation to digital, you won’t miss opportunities to attract, and connect with, leads. Your pipeline will benefit and so will your sales.

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