3 Search Optimization Methods for 2018


Your clients' search engine optimization is more important than ever. When potential customers want to find somewhere new to go to and/​or buy from, more often than not the first thing they’ll do is perform an online search. Are your clients optimizing search enough to be one of the first businesses consumers find during such a search? According to Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, here are some SEO trends to plan for in 2018:

  1. Thinking Beyond Traditional Search Engines

Don’t get me wrong, Google and Bing are still the rulers of search engines. However, they’re facing some competition. Yelp, Amazon, and digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri are quickly becoming their own form of search engines that most of us can agree we have used for such purposes. Remember that Siri and Alexa are both voice-​driven, so voice elements are becoming an increasingly crucial part of search as well. It’s always a great idea to be well-​rounded, so ask your clients if they need help exploring these new search services.

  1. Hyperlocal Marketing

Think about what you ask your digital assistant when you pull out your phone to search for something. A lot of the time you add the words, “near me,” at the end, right? Local relevancy is extremely important when planning aspects of your clients' search optimization around digital assistant and voice searching. How many hyperlocal keywords are your clients using in their search marketing? For example, encourage the addition of words such as the name of the city they're located in and landmarks they're near.

  1. Utilizing Video and Image Search

Consumers are a visually stimulated bunch. If there are pictures involved, there’s a good chance that consumers will feel more comfortable with whichever sites provide them, and it’s easy to search using just an image. DeMers points out that even startup interfaces such as Moodstocks and Eyefluence are taking advantage of the power images in videos in search, and Google acquired both of those companies. Perhaps that is foreshadowing Google’s future search focuses.

Rachel Cagle

Rachel Cagle

Rachel is a Research Analyst, specializing in audience intelligence, at SalesFuel. She also helps to maintain the major accounts and co-​op intelligence databases. As the holder of a Bachelors degree in English from The Ohio State University, Rachel helps the rest of the SalesFuel team with their writing needs.