3 Ways to Optimize B2B Customer Service

BY Rachel Cagle
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Signing a contract is just the start of a strong B2B sales relationships. Good customer service is becoming more and more important to and expected by clients. It’s not just potential clients either; your existing clients will appreciate continued service long after that first sale. So, what should be included in your customer service plan? Joel Harrison shares some helpful tips in his article, “8 steps to creating excellent B2B CX.”

  1. Map It Out

Harrison shares that only 50% of B2B salespeople have put together a customer experience plan. Mapping out your own customer service plan will effectively get you into a routine of reaching out to your clients. If you have a set plan, you’ll be less likely to forget to follow up with your clients regularly or feel rushed to put together some kind of request for feedback.

  1. Study It

While you’re mapping out your customer service plan, you’ll also quickly learn which parts of said plan are more effective than others and you can adjust accordingly for each of your clients. No two clients are the same, so starting off with a set customer service plan will be helpful, but you’ll have to pay attention to which clients respond to each part of your plan. For example, maybe one client never responds to your calls, but will return emails. Switch your plan up for that client, do what makes him comfortable and he’ll appreciate your customized service.

  1. Personalize It

Here comes the potentially tricky part. Although it is smart to start your customer service with a pre-​organized plan, you can’t forget to personalize it. Your clients can tell when you have copied and pasted an email to them and can identify when you’re reciting the same phone conversation you’ve had with dozens of clients. Let your plan get you into the habit of regularly reaching out and experimenting with different ways to do so, but always take the time to cater each attempt to every client. Your clients will notice and it will influence if/​how they respond to you.