4 Home Services SEO/​SEM Marketing Strategies

BY Rachel Cagle
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Do you have a client in home services (HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, flooring, etc.)? If so, great. According to a recent article by Invoca, the home services market is “expected to grow 18.91% per year from 2019–2026.” But that doesn’t mean you can relax your client’s marketing efforts, especially the SEO/​SEM marketing that leads to discovery and action. Here are a few SEO/​SEM marketing tactics you need to know to boost the effectiveness of your client’s marketing strategy in the coming year.

SEO/​SEM Marketing Strategies for Your Home Services Clients

Consumers Begin Their Home Services Buyer Journey Online

When a homeowner needs home services, they will most likely start their purchasing journey online. On average, according to Invoca, more than 55% of these consumers will conduct an online search before they’ll schedule a service appointment. Per home service industry, these are the percentages of customers who will search for service providers before making a decision:

  • Moving: 82%
  • Pest Control: 75%
  • Locksmithing: 73%
  • Lawn Care: 67%
  • Home Remodeling: 65%
  • Carpet Cleaning: 65%
  • Appliance Repair: 64%
  • HVAC Repair: 62%
  • Roofing: 62%
  • Decks and Patios: 60%
  • House Cleaning: 59%
  • Electrical: 58%
  • Fencing: 57%
  • Plumbing: 54%

Since so many purchasing decisions across different home services industries begin with online searches, it’s imperative that your client’s SEO/​SEM marketing is as thorough and effective as possible. Otherwise your client’s business won’t be easily found by these consumers during their searches. According to AdMall by SalesFuel, 18.4% of homeowners NEVER go past the first page of search results. So, the closer you can get your client’s website and resources to the top of various keyword searches, the better.

No, Seriously, the Search Starts Online with No Prior Research

Your client may be under the impression that other ad types usually motivate consumers to conduct an online search. While that may be true for other industries, it’s pretty unusual for home services. According to Invoca, most home services consumers don’t have a specific company in mind when they conduct online searches. Here’s the breakdown of consumers who don’t have a company in mind when conducting their searches:

  • Electrical: 90%
  • House Cleaning: 90%
  • Locksmithing: 88%
  • Painting: 86%
  • HVAC Repair: 84%
  • Fencing: 84%
  • Pest Control: 83%
  • Decks and Patios: 83%
  • Appliance Repair: 80%
  • Lawn Care: 80%
  • Moving: 79%
  • Plumbing: 76%

So, while omnichannel marketing campaigns are never a bad idea, it’s crucial that your client focus most of their energy, time and funds on the SEO/​SEM marketing portion of their strategy. Home services are decisions made in-​the-​moment. It’s rare that consumers will see a TV commercial or other ad for just the service they need at the perfect moment. So, if your client does want a multichannel marketing campaign, brainstorm aspects you can add that will help them stick out from the competition. For example, include a catchy jingle they’ll remember long past seeing/​hearing the TV or radio commercial.

They’ll Probably Be Using a Mobile Device

Invoca points out that “mobile searches are growing year-​over-​year in many home services verticals.” So, when you’re planning out your client’s keywords for their SEO/​SEM marketing strategy, make sure that they include simple phrases consumers may type into their phones, since they usually type shorter phrases into their phones than via desktop. Invoca lists the examples of “HVAC repair,” “landscaping near me,” “plumbers near me,” and “roofing companies” (which are all search terms that rank in the fastest-​growing search terms in the home services category). If nothing else, be sure to include “near me” as a part of your client’s search keywords since:

  • A: It’s common terminology that consumers speak into voice searches, as well as type
  • B: Home services need to be from local/​nearby service providers to begin with

Reviews are Key

When conducting a home services search, consumers want more information than what your client can provide about their company. They want to hear about the experiences of real customers. It’s important for you and your client to encourage customers to post reviews about their experience with your client’s business on both your client’s sites, as well as review sites. You should also monitor these reviews and respond to the negative ones and try to make things right. That way, potential customers will see that your client is committed to providing the best service possible.

More Information on Home Services SEO/​SEM Marketing Strategies

For more information on your client’s home services customers and how they should be shaping their SEO/​SEM marketing strategy, run a Digital Audit by SalesFuel on their company. An audit will provide you with more information on the effectiveness of their current digital marketing strategy, compare their use of digital advertising to their target audience’s purchasing habits and compare their digital presence to that of their top competitors.

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