4 Ways to Master the Realm of Customer Service


Customer service plays a key role in sales. How you approach and interact with prospects and clients will determine your success. In “8 ways to nail your approach to customer experience,” an article on B2B Marketing, Stephen Morgan offers some helpful advice on how to master the realm of customer service.

The Realm of Customer Service

Pike discusses the following methods for offering the best customer service:

  • Language
  • Mindset
  • Understanding
  • Focus

Let's take a detailed look at what you can do in each of these areas.


We don't talk with everyone we know the same way. You probably talk more formally with the CEO of your company than you do with your friends at work and in yet another style with coworkers you don’t know as well. Regardless, you tend to respond to them in the same way they talk to you. It’s the same with clients; you need to observe how they talk to you and respond in the same manner. Some clients prefer casual exchanges peppered with the latest phrases. Other clients use very formal language. In the realm of customer service, you want to put your client at ease. Mirror the language they use and won't come off as being too laid back or too formal.


As part of your role in sales, you'll be reaching out to current clients with offers to update to your latest product or service. If you approach the client with nothing but selling on your mind, you'll be putting them off. These businesses are already giving you money. At the very least, they expect to hear how your latest offering will benefit them. How will it help them sell more and be more efficient? Remember to show your clients that you are invested in their growth and progress and that you are there to help make it happen. 

And when it comes to prospects, our research shows that 55% of buyers want to do business with a seller who understands their business and has ideas about how to improve their situation. When you approach contacts with a customer-​first mindset, you'll be more successful.


People don’t buy things they don’t want or need. If you approach your clients without doing your research or having a full understanding of their business problems, you won't have a successful outcome. Here’s where listening comes in again. To remain relevant to your clients, you need to understand their needs and the fact that those needs are ever-​changing. You not only need to meet them at the beginning, but your relationship should evolve as their business does.


In the constantly changing marketplace, it's easy to obsess about what your competitors are doing. Maybe they introduced an amazing product and you're worried they'll take clients from you. Although it’s important to keep improving your own business, don’t get too focused on competitors. Focus on your clients and their needs. When they feel they can trust you, they'll be hesitant to end the relationship. And when the time is right, introduce your own upgrades, based on what clients have indicated they need. 

The realm of customer service should never be far from your mind. We all know it's far less difficult and expensive to sell a product or service upgrade to an existing customer. If you've treated your client well, the next sale will be easier.

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Rachel Cagle

Rachel Cagle

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