40% of Homeowners Plan to Use Smartphones for Home Remodeling

More than one out of four (27%) homeowners reported using their smartphones in the past for a variety of tasks to help with remodeling their homes. According to a new survey of U.S. homeowners by homeowner mobile app provider Planese, the percentage jumped to 40% when they were asked if they planned to use smartphones for future remodeling projects. Home improvements

"This dramatic increase in smartphone use to help with remodeling is driven by a variety of changes: greater use of mobile devices, a need of homeowners to get better results from their remodeling investments and better apps," says Dan Fritschen, founder of www​.remodelormove​.com, author and homeowner advocate. "Mobile devices are a great compliment to the PC.  Smartphones enable regular and frequent communications that are critical to improving collaboration between homeowners and contractors."

Detailed findings from the Planese survey indicate 65% of respondents plan to use a smartphone to find remodeling design ideas in future remodeling projects, while 95% plan to use a PC. Other findings on use of smartphone and PC for different aspects of remodeling projects include:

Get remodeling cost estimates

  • Use a smartphone (27%)
  • Use a PC (66%)

Search for a remodeling contractor

  • Use a smartphone (56%)
  • Use a PC (80%)

Research products/​services

  • Use a smartphone (67%)
  • Use a PC (67%)

Do background checks

  • Use a smartphone (25%)
  • Use a PC (50%)
[Source:  Survey conducted by Planese, Inc.  11 Dec. 2013.  Web.  13 Dec. 2013.]