Free Report: 40 Tips for Selling to Buyers Under 40

BY C. Lee Smith
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The New Era of Gen Z and Millennial Decision-Makers

If you’re trying to sell to Generation Z buyers, new data shows they have a radically different mindset even from millennials and buyers overall, requiring businesses and sales professionals to adjust tactics to close the deal. 

This free report, sponsored by the SalesCred mobile app, delivers 40 quick, research-​based tips for selling to younger buyers – Gen Z and millennials – according to their reported preferences in SalesFuel's latest Voice of the Buyer study. 

For example, did you know?

  • Younger buyers are more likely to vet salespeople using other social media than their LinkedIn profile
  • They are even more likely to block a salesperson from "spamming" them after agreeing to a LinkedIn connection with them
  • They are 24% less likely to buy from companies led by people whose political views are different from theirs
  • 30% of younger buyers will not engage with salespeople who have poor manners, social skills or treat their support staff poorly

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