47% to Take Multi-​Gen Family Reunion Trips

An AARP Survey Finds 47% of People 45-​Plus Plan to Take a Multi-​Generational Family Trip Within a Year. 98% of multi-​generational travelers are highly satisfied by taking family reunion trips with parents, kids and grandparents. Multi-​generational family vacations are trips that include three generations or more, vacationing together.

AARP Travel, a resource for America‰'s 76 million baby boomers who spend $120 billion annually in leisure travel, announced new insights into multi-​generational family reunion vacations.

The new research conducted by AARP Travel of people 45 and older offers insights into multi-​generational vacations including why families are going, where they‰'re going, what they do on these family vacations, the challenges to plan them and why they create memories of a lifetime.

Family Reunion Travel Data

‰Multi-​generational family travel is becoming the new trend in family vacations. "Our AARP 2015 Travel Trends found initial evidence that they would be popular in 2015 and now we know why,‰" said Stephanie Miles, Vice President, Member Value, AARP. ‰"Our multi-​generational travel research found 98% of travelers who took a multi-​generational trip were highly satisfied and 85% are planning to take another one in the next 12 months.‰"

Key Multi-​Generational Family Reunion Vacations Findings Include:

  • 80% traveled in the U.S. and many chose active cities, beaches and amusement parks.
  • 20% traveled internationally with half heading to the Caribbean, Mexico or South America.
  • Cruising is popular for 25% of international travelers.
  • Almost 40% chose nostalgic destinations to share a childhood memory.

Top destinations for multi-​generational vacations: Picking the right destination where families across three generations can enjoy time with one another and also by themselves can be challenging, but there are destinations that offer both for family reunion gatherings. The following information provides more insights into preferred destinations for multi-​generational travel:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Disney
  • California
  • Hawaii

20% traveled internationally

  • The Caribbean/​South America
  • Cruise vacation
  • Europe
  • Mexico

Top benefits of multi-​generational vacations: Traveling with parents, kids and grandparents can be transformative in many ways. The following are the top benefits of multi-​generational travel as identified in the new AARP Travel research:

  1. Bringing the entire family together (83%)
  2. Helping build special memories (69%)
  3. Grandparents are able to spend time with grandkids (50%)
  4. Quality one-​on-​one time with family/​spouse (36%)
  5. Adult relatives spending time with younger generations (29%)

Top activities enjoyed on multi-​generational family reunion vacations: Approximately half of all parents and grandparents who have taken a multi-​generational trip recommend planning ahead, especially about activities so that everyone enjoys the trip. The top activities most enjoyed on multi-​generational trips include:

  1. Spending time together as a family (72%)
  2. Dining out (49%)
  3. Relaxing by the beach/​pool (41%)
  4. Sightseeing (33%)
  5. Theme/​Amusement park (18%)
  6. Cooking together as a family (17%)
  7. Outdoor/​Nature activities (14%)

Top barriers to planning multi-​generational family reunion vacations: While more and more travelers 45-​plus dream of taking a trip with their families, multi-​generational travel definitely poses a few challenges in terms of planning and coordination. The following are the top barriers to multi-​generation travel as identified in the AARP Travel Research:

  1. Agreeing on a date (38%)
  2. Cost concerns (20%)
  3. Overwhelming to coordinate (20%)
  4. Finding time to make the trip a priority (18%)
  5. Agreeing on a destination (17%)

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Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.