5% of Digital Ad Budgets Spent on Amazon's Site

BY Kathy Crosett
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In Marin Software’s State of Digital 2019 survey, 460 digital marketers described their goals for digital advertising success. They also revealed the challenges they are facing. The details included in this survey can help you understand how to sell digital marketing services to your clients.

The chief priority for 25% of the decision makers in the Marin Software survey is to increase brand awareness when they invest in digital advertising. To maximize the impact of their strategies, 20% of marketers believe personalization is the way to go.

Digital Marketing Mix

However, personalization is not always easy to execute. The typical digital ad budget breaks out as follows for these marketers:

  • Paid search 38%
  • Paid social 18%
  • Display 15%
  • YouTube 11%
  • Mobile/​In app 9%
  • eCommerce 5% (Amazon)
  • eCommerce (other) 3%

Search and Social

Search and social continue to deliver big benefits for your clients. At the same time, marketers struggle with certain aspects of these formats. Marketers in the Marin Software study, 29%, report that hitting volume targets in search is the toughest challenge. Achieving ROI goals is the next biggest challenge for 28% of marketers. 

Despite these challenges, marketers want to keep up with changes in search advertising. To stay ahead of the competition, 84% will be using or checking out Google’s new responsive search ads this year.

For paid social advertising, measuring attribution remains a top concern for 28% of marketers. This finding echoes the details of the CMO Survey published in February 2019. In terms of contributing to company performance, marketers gave social media a mean score of 3.27, out of a range from one to seven. Part of the reason for the low score may stem from the difficulty of measuring the impact on the bottom line. 

Advertising on eCommerce sites

As Amazon’s market dominance grows, businesses are increasing their ad budgets and spending on this site and other e‑commerce sites. About 60% of marketers will increase their ad spending on Amazon this year. Exploring this new method of reaching consumers comes with challenges. Nearly 1/​3 of marketers are struggling with how to effectively leverage the audience data on these sites. At least 30% are still working to understand how to advertise on Amazon.

These survey results point to big opportunity for reps who sell digital marketing services. Your clients need help getting the most out of Google’s responsive search ads, they need to understand how advertising on Amazon works, and they're looking for fresh ideas on personalization. Check out the AudienceSCAN profiles for consumers who are influenced by these kinds of advertising and share the details with your clients as you pitch your services. The profiles are available at AdMall from SalesFuel.