5 Top Ideas for How to Improve Productivity

BY Kathy Crosett
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To retain your marketplace position as an industry leader, you must focus constantly on how to improve productivity. Managers typically expect their team members to work more efficiently. To be truly effective, managers should first objectively analyze their own activity and appropriately adjust strategy.

5 Top Ideas for How to Improve Productivity

Improve Thought Leadership

Much of the typical focus on productivity involves managers developing ways for their team members to work better together. But game-​changing productivity requires taking efforts to another level. Specifically, senior managers should invest in thought leadership as a way to optimize productivity.

Edelman Research suggests that businesses are wasting some of their investment in this area. In fact, very few businesses measure the impact of their thought leadership on sales success.

One reason for this disconnect may be because 26% “say their organization lacks the skills to produce high-​quality content.” This content would expand the organization’s reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

Beyond that, high quality content gives your team members a better idea of what the organization values. 

Engage Your Team in Preparing Quality Content

If, like many organizations, you lack people with the skills to produce thought leadership content, talk with key staff members. You have an opportunity to offer professional development to individuals who have the inclination to work on these projects.

The right “thought leadership can prompt B2B buyers to question the status quo and seek alternate solutions,” says Edelman. These content pieces, as they establish an organization’s credibility in the marketplace, can also open doors to higher sales.

If you operate in an environment that involves invitations to submit RFPs, thought leadership pieces will get you noticed. They will also energize your team.

Provide Authentic Leadership

Are you leading with authenticity? When considering how to improve productivity, remember that your employees don’t want to be managed by a robot. 

They want you to acknowledge the difficulties you encounter and to explain how you try to overcome adversity. The stories can serve as inspiration for a team member who is struggling. They will learn how to close a deal by understanding your experiences.

Many managers avoid talking about their private life and don’t want to create a close friendship with people they supervise. That’s a wise move. But you’ll appear more authentic if you share one or two aspects of a hobby you enjoy.

Authentic leadership also means paying attention to details and to what your team members accomplish. Don’t overlook the importance of acknowledging their accomplishments.

Their psychometric assessments will reveal how team members prefer to be recognized. For some, a standing ovation in a company meeting will drive them to be more productive. Other team members are happier receiving a gift card.

Clarify Goals

Your team members need to understand the large corporate mission and goals. Doing so gives them a vested interest in contributing to something larger than their jobs.

But they also must see how their daily activity adds to the company’s success.

For example, our research shows that 41% of sales professionals have a crystal-​clear idea of what their manager expects. The higher that percentage goes, the easier it is for your team members to stay focused.

Of course, achieving goals matters. But occasionally, the issue of how to improve productivity requires out-​of-​the-​box thinking. Great leaders also allow enough time and bandwidth for employees to engage in ideation sessions.

Initiate a Culture of Improvement

Different forms of leadership reflect the variation in work styles, culture and how individual managers interact with their teams. To understand the fit between yourself and your employees, check out the details on the TeamTrait psychometric assessment results.

With this information, you will see how to modify your responses during one-​on-​one meetings. This tactic is especially helpful when interacting with team members who may be intimidated by you.

For managers who want to know how to improve productivity, there is no substitute for supporting a positive culture. Yes, you should acknowledge success. But then encourage your employees to always be thinking about how to change procedures and processes.

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